Hey everyone!

August is over, but I'm still excited to share my favorites of that month.


things to scream at the sun // I enjoyed the retro vibes in this short film. One of my favorite YouTubers Mei Yan (princessmei on youtube) is one of the main roles. It's a very interesting movie.


congratulations - hamilton // I know I mentioned Hamilton in my JULY FAVORITES post, but this song really spoke to me. Although Angelica is definitely not an angel like many people think she is (she had feelings for both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson while she was married), I definitely understand her protectiveness over Eliza.

woman - kesha // Kesha coming back from being hurt and being better than ever will never stop being amazing. I definitely support her on her journey.

look what you made me do - taylor swift // I know, this song is definitely different from her other music and might not be the best off her new album, but it gives retro emo vibes. I know. I don't know what comes out of my mouth sometimes.

savage - lights // lights was one of my favorite bands growing up. I didn't think she was making music again after she became pregnant, but I'm glad she is.


peter monn // He's technically a drama channel, but the type to have constructive criticism instead of just bashing someone. It's ironic that I have a YouTube channel on my favorites post when I talked about unsubscribing to people in an earlier post, but I love Peter's personality and honesty.

basic hair care video // I'm trying to take better care of my hair. It's been dyed a few times which has definitely changed a lot of the texture. This is a very informative video about the science behind hair care with added citations.


post it notes // I had forgotten how useful these were until I had to take notes again at the end of August for both my bullet journal and my school notes.


solar eclipse // I mentioned seeing the solar eclipse on one of my LIFE HAPPENS posts. I took a few photos with my phone and camera, but I definitely just tried to soak in the atmosphere.

What were your favorites in August?


Hey everyone!

This week was a lot better than last week in terms of productivity. I was able to finish most of my work by the end of yesterday. I still have a few more items to finish, but I'm not too worried about them.

However, I seem to be a bit behind on my blog posts, but that's what editorial calendars are for. I know how important they are to magazines, blogs, and other media that runs on a schedule, but I always resisted the urge to make one. Now I regret never implementing them in the first place despite the fact that I made this blog for fun. An editorial calendar is definitely a blogging staple I can get behind.

In other news, my photography skills are slowly developing. I took a few photos yesterday in preparation for an upcoming blog post, and they are looking a lot better than what I took a few years ago. I might start using my blog Instagram account again with how much I want to show off how my skills are doing. If you haven't followed me yet, I'm @laceituplove and @laceituploveblog on Instagram! I have a tendency to lurk instead of post, but I'm thinking of creating an editorial calendar for both of my Instagrams to see if that'll help me post more consistently.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

YouTube has always been one of my favorite social media platforms. However, it's become overly saturated with similar channels. There's only so much that I can take. Not only that, I've outgrown some channels that I was interested in months ago. So it's time for a YouTube cleanse. Here's a list of people I'm unsubscribing from YouTube and why I'm not interested in them anymore.

Good Mythical Morning // The channel is amazing, don't get me wrong. I'm just not watching their videos. If I want to, a quick search will get me to watch at least one video before going to a different channel.

IISuperwomanII // I love Lily, but I'm just not clicking on her videos anymore. I'm more into her vlogs, despite the fact that I'm so behind. As in, I'm only on vlog number ten. Yeah.

Alexa Ilacad // She's a Filipina actress who makes YouTube videos on her spare time. Although I like her, I'm not that interested in her.

ardenBcho // I subscribed to her because of RyanHiga. My crush I've had on him since 2009 has been crushed by their confirmed relationship. Although her singing voice is amazing, I'm not a fan or interested in knowing more about her.

RRcherrypie // I loved watching this channel open collectibles and other boxes, but I don't really watch it anymore. I do hate that their videos are being reuploaded by other channels and YouTube lets anyone put in a counter-claim so that their claims to copyright are being questioned. Just another reason to start looking for another video uploading site.

Alexa Poletti // I used to love her bright and cute videos where she showcased a lot of her fandom items and her how to take care of wigs series. However, I'm (currently) not interested in wearing wigs and her adventure into the NYX Face Awards.

AndyBlackVEVO // I love Andy and Black Veil Brides, but his Vevo channel only uploads his music videos, and I can search them up at a later date. There's no reason to have it in my subscription box when he's not coming out with a new album anytime soon.

Anne Curtis // She's a well known Filipino actress who doesn't really make videos. They're more like added TV segments, but either way, I'm not that into her.

I know that I'm going to get a lot of flack for some of these. I can already hear my cousin's voice in my head: You unsubscribed to Lily?! Yes, yes I did. I have over 500 subscriptions, and my feed is too overloaded with the same content. I'll be going through my subscriptions in the upcoming weeks to get it down to who I watch the most. It's only natural for interests to change.

Who have you unsubscribed to lately?


Hey everyone!

This week I started my third year of college. It was exhausting. My legs are still sore from my athletic classes. I didn't expect to start off fast in my kickboxing class, but here I am with jelly legs after two days of rest. My form was not very good, so I asked one of my friends who knows karate to help me out. She's almost done with her first term of classes which I didn't expect at all. I feel slightly behind, but I have to remind myself to go my own pace so I don't burn out.

If you live in California, then you've been hit with the heatwave that has me scrambling to do anything. Whenever it gets too hot, I become more lethargic. It's only the first week of classes, and I'm slightly behind on one of my classes. There is just so much work to do for this one specific class that I'm not surprised that people were already dropping in the first day. And speaking of work, I think that's my cue to go finish it up.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

It's a late night LIFE HAPPENS post because I am a mess. No, literally. I've been getting ready for my third year of college this past week by trying to sleep early. It's not really working out well. It's a good thing that my only class on Monday starts in the afternoon.

I saw the solar eclipse on Monday at one of my local parks. I'm currently editing my vlog to upload on Monday or Friday. I'm thinking of trying to be a week or two ahead with recording videos, but creating ideas that haven't already been done yet is difficult. A lot of what I want to record involves a lot of researching so long term projects will be mentioned on the blog before they get to see the light of day.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

I made another STYLE IT back to school fashion post last year. Click here to read it. Since most college students aren't focused on their fashion choices (except if they go to a fashion school of course!), it's always fascinating to see what people wear at different schools. My community college's fashion scene is a mix of laid back sweats and trendy clothing. In contrast, my style is all over the place. School starts on Monday for me, so here's what my outfit might look like on Monday!




What's your school style?


Hey everyone!

My morning skincare routine has changed throughout the years. It's even changed extensively by the time I've written this post and made the graphic for it! However, I thought it would be a good idea to still talk about products that work well for me since I'm still testing out my new skincare routine.

I used to use Acne Free which can be found in WalMart. It worked for a few months, but I noticed that my skin became dependent on the products. When I forget to go through my skincare routine, my acne would come back with a vengeance. I switched to the St. Ives Apricot Scrub after a year or two of using Acne Free. However, my skin got dependent on it too so I started experiment with different brands and products to find the right mix for me.

The most important lesson I learned while trying out new skincare products was to understand what caused my acne and to act accordingly. My acne is passed the preteen and teenager phase where they pop up because of practically anything I do. Now larger pimples only come when I'm about to have my periods and when I'm stressed. My skin is noticeably clearer than my younger years, but since my parents have skin problems, my acne isn't totally going to go away. I've learned to embrace my acne to a point where it doesn't bother unless I'm breaking out badly for no reason or when I know my period is coming.

From oily to combination and dry skin, my skincare routine reflects the needs of my skin. I found that The Body Shop's Vitamin E line works wonders in helping balance out my skin. My skin doesn't break out if I stop using the products for a few days which is amazing. Besides using the Vitamin E cream cleanser, I wash my face with a Black Bar Soap from Shea Moisture or another brand with similar ingredients. Sometimes I quickly use the Gairner Miceller water, but since I usually use that for taking off my makeup, I didn't include it into my morning skincare routine.

Next I use The Body Shop Vitamin E Toner then the Drops of Youth Concentrate serum. The toner helps add hydration and cleans up any makeup residue left over from cleansing. The serum is new to my routine as I used up most of my Valentia Hydrating Rose serum a while ago. There isn't a notable difference in my skin, so I'll update you guys about how it works for me.

The Etude House Dust Cut Finish Cream is a primer that I use before I moisturize. It supposedly protects your face from dirt and grime, but I use it to make it easier to take off my makeup. For my daily moisturizer, I use the Vitamin E Moisture Lotion in SPF 15.

 Do you have a morning skincare routine?