Hey everyone!

It's officially the Christmas season for everyone in the United States! I try to be festive in small ways since I don't celebrate Christmas as much as other people. My Christmas "decor" is minimalistic and based on how easy it is to take off or transition into a different season.

Fairy lights // Practically everyone has these somewhere. Drape them on the window, the wall, the bed frame, whatever you want, and it'll be festive. They come in different styles and colors which means that you can definitely use purple fairy lights to go from Halloween to Christmas.

Paper snowflakes // Throw it back to grade school by making multicolored paper snowflakes and taping them onto walls, windows, and whatever else your minds comes up with. It looks whimsical and adorable. You can even use fancy papers to make them more adult-ish.

DIY snowglobes // There are various ways to make your own snow globe. I tried the Martha Stewart version because it was the first DIY that popped up. I made it a general snow globe since I wanted to display it on my desk.

Art decor // You can make your own Christmas art to frame on the wall or on a desk using any art material. A crayon drawn picture of a snowman? Tape it to a wall. A color pencil rendition of reindeer? Hang it on the tree. A squiggly marker drawing of Santa Claws that looks more like a misshapen person? Frame it and put it on your desk.

How do you decorate for Christmas?


Hey everyone!

Kristen Soup made a video on her other channel about Christmas bucket lists. I know I made a few (here, here, and here), but I didn't think of making a Christmas specific one. While I was thinking up what I wanted to put on my Christmas bucket list, I realized that I already completed most of it last year. Most of what's on my bucket list involves snow which means my trip to Chicago last year fulfilled all of what I wanted to do during Christmas. 

I went ice skating at the Winter Wonderfest in Navy Pier with one of my favorite cousins. She went on most of the "faster" rides while I chilled out and took pictures.

We made a few snowmen after I stubbornly refused to give up after the first failed attempt. The front yard didn't look too good after, but the snow in the backyard didn't have the right consistency for it. Although I do wish that I had pushed a snowball down their yard to see if it'll grow bigger.

Since my cousins have a hill next to their yard, my cousin and I went sliding down it with one of those little boogie board things that are for snow. It was both amusing and slightly horrifying as I realized halfway down the hill that I was slipping off the board.

I also fulfilled taking Christmas themed photos while in Chicago since my family doesn't decorate for Christmas anymore. Although I do wish that I took more pictures, maybe this year I can do a winter themed photo shoot with some friends and family.

What's on your Christmas bucket list?


Hey everyone!

It's the last of the gift idea guides this year because I'm overwhelmed with research and finals. What a volatile combination. However, I'm sure the musician in your life is chilling out using their preferred instrument so here's some ideas on what to get them.

The actual instrument // If you have a potential musician in your life, why not nurture that skill? You can always rent or borrow an instrument from a store or friend to see if they truly want to learn how to play an instrument.

A metronome // A basic item that practically everyone needs. Sure, there's apps for it, but nothing beats having a classic metronome when your phone dies and you suddenly need to stay on beat.

Instrument accessories // From guitar picks to drum sticks, accessories for instruments can get easily lost when a musician is on the go. Get a few of them and stuff a decorative sock with every little product they need.

That one expensive accessory they need // Most instruments have that one item that costs a ridiculous amount of money, but sometimes you don't have the money for it. Getting that one item they need for Christmas (and also having some kind of warranty!) guarantees that they'll be using it for a long time.

Classes // It's always a good idea to help your musician keep their skills sharp or learn new things. Signing them up for classes (or asking them what kind of music class they want to take) is definitely a gift that'll teach them new skills.

What are you getting the musician in your life?


Hey everyone!

I decided to do two more gift ideas because my philosophy with gift giving is to always ask for a list of what they want. But today I'll be writing about what fashion forward people would potentially want in under the tree.

Magazine subscriptions // A classic gift idea for someone who loves trends. Nylon, Elle, and various other fashion magazines that your recipient would like to help them keep up with fashion trends and news. You can also renew any of their current subscriptions too.

Clothing subscription box // I'm a sucker for subscription boxes, and clothing subscriptions always catches my attention. Find the right subscription box for your fashion trendy friend using reviews online or finding out what they want by snooping.

Classic jewelry // Even if your recipient is into alternative fashion, classic jewelry that goes with everything and anything is definitely a good idea. Find something they'd like using Etsy or browse their bookmarks for jewelry they've been looking at.

Gift card to a clothing store they can't afford // If you have someone in your life that loves fashion, then they have that one guilty pleasure store that always go into, but don't buy anything because of the price range. This not only gives them a chance to expand their wardrobe, but also avoids the awkwardness of getting something that's not their style.

A fashion consultation // Some fashion forward people need a little help with their wardrobe and aren't afraid to ask for help. Or they may even need help with figuring out what looks better with a skirt or dress. Giving them the gift of a fashion consultation is great in that they get advice from a professional and can learn more about their own personal style.

What are you getting for the fashion oriented people in your life?


Hey everyone!

I'm taking a break from researching gifts for others to write about what I'd like for Christmas. This list is short because I've found that I don't really want a lot for Christmas. As I grow older, there's less material items I want on my list and more experiences. However, I do have a few products that I'd love to get my hands on.

Cleaning supplies // I am that twenty-something who wants a cleaner home. Living at home with teenage boys is a pain. The one cleaning item I want the most is a deep cleaning vacuum. Vacuums are at the best prices at this time of year, and I'm hoping to get a better one for the living room.

Games // I've been eyeing some games on the Steam store since getting my gaming laptop. I'm waiting for the Christmas sales since I already spent a lot of money for my laptop.

Monthly subscription plan // I'm splurging on a year long food subscription box once my paycheck comes around. I want to some snacks to myself before sharing with my brothers. Getting snacks each month sounds like a good idea for me.

Stationery // My bullet journal is minimalistic, but I want to add a bit more color to it. Stickers are what I want more, but photos are also something I'd consider.

Electronic accessories // A microphone and a pair of headphones are what I want the most when it comes to electronics for my laptop. For my camera, a tripod and remote would be perfect in helping me take pictures. I already have a new laptop that I love so I don't need anything else. I just want to be able to talk to my friends easier.

Like I said, my wishlist this year is short. I'm not looking to expand my wardrobe or makeup collection because I already have what I need for the most part.

What's on your Christmas wishlist for 2017?


Hey everyone!

I will admit now that I am not a gamer (yet), but all of my brothers are. I watch a lot of gaming channels on YouTube though, and I know what most of them channels use. So here are a few gift ideas for the gamer in your life. 

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone ($50) // An affordable microphone for people who like to game or record videos (or both!). My brother uses it for voice-overs and talking with his friends on Discord. It's also easy to use for anyone looking to make YouTube videos.

Wacom Intuos Tablet ($70) // For artists and gamers, a drawing tablet can do multiple things. From drawing to playing rhythm games, there are endless possibilities in using a drawing tablet. If the Wacom tablet isn't in your price range, the 

Huion Tablet ($22) is a good alternative.

JOBY GorillaPod Focus ($92) // This idea is for the gamer with a YouTube channel. They may need one for their camera for those moments when a voice over won't do. 

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack ($100) // This backpack is perfect in keeping all your electronics in check. It stands up on its own and has several different compartments. If you're trying to playing games at a friend's house, then having a reliable bag is important. I actually bought one for myself which is arriving soon.

MSI GL62M Laptop ($899) // A gaming laptop is a must despite the fact that the battery life for them aren't that great. I'm currently using this laptop for everything in life, and it's amazing. If this laptop isn't for you, then I definitely recommend a laptop that has similar specs since games can take up a lot of space. 

If none of these ideas appeal to you, then checking out what gaming channels recommend is always a good place to look for more ideas. If you know what channels the gamer in your life is watching, maybe getting something that that YouTuber uses is a good way to show that you understand what they like and that you care about them. 

What are you getting for the gamer in your life?



Hey everyone!

I was texting one of my favorite cousins a while ago about Christmas presents. My family doesn't give each other presents as we're more focused on the family aspect of the holiday, however my cousin and his family tend to give each other presents every year. He doesn't really know what to ask for, but as I texted him ideas, I realized that there are a lot of people who don't know what to give a twenty-something in college. Money and gift cards are a good idea, but only if you aren't that close with the person being gifted with the present or if they actually want a gift card or cash. So I compiled a list of items that a twenty-something may want, but is too shy to ask for.

Home decor // If their room is a little sparse and they've been complaining about adding some pizzazz to it, home decor is a good choice. Just make sure to discretely check what they would want in their room or on their walls. Buying home decor that they won't even use defeats the purpose of it. Products to consider: photos, indie art, clocks, statues, frames, etc.

Cleaning supplies // This might just be me, but Black Friday made me want to buy a new vacuum so badly. I bought a small compact one for quick cleaning earlier in the month. However, a deep cleaning vacuum is something that would last for years and is a practical purchase for anyone who doesn't know what to get for someone. If you're gifting it to a woman though, make sure they want a vacuum first or you might send the wrong message. Other cleaning supplies to consider: mop, broom, toilet cleansers, oven cleansers, etc.

Kitchenware // Similar to cleaning supplies, kitchenware is a practical and long-lasting present. Especially if the college age person in question has barely anything in their kitchen. I know that I would be ecstatic if we had more spoons and forks. Products to consider: utensils set, microwave, oven toaster, toaster, sandwich maker, tea kettle, etc.

Electronic accessories // Items like workout counters, E - Readers, tablets, and microphones are always something to consider for a twenty-something. My interests tend to change, so having electronics that match my mood help tremendously. E - Readers especially may be useful for a college student who doesn't want to carry physical textbooks. A tablet would also be a good way to have e-textbooks and take notes, but it may also distract them. Products to consider: art tablets, e-readers, headphones, microphones for the laptop or phone, lens for a camera, lighting equipment, etc.

Software // I know this may sound like something that can be found in the electronic accessories of this post, but I consider software different from electronic accessories. New software like video or photo editing can be useful for the more artistic people in the twenty-something demographic. Products to consider: Photoshop, audio, video, writing, etc.

Monthly subscription plans
// I'm eyeing a food subscription plan as I write this post. There are a ton of different types of subscription boxes from beauty to pet accessories to food to clothing. Most plans have a gifting option where you an buy a set amount of months for someone in advance without charging your card for reoccurring payments. Products to consider: stationery, food, clothing, books, jewelry, metaphysical.

Honestly, the most important (and easiest!) way to figure out what to get a twenty-something is to just ask. They'll most likely have a list of things they desperately need and will be happy that they don't have to pretend to like whatever gift they would've received if they weren't asked. 

What do you think would be a good present for this age group?