Hey everyone!

Since I've mostly been making videos lately, this blog has taken a hit. Not only am I trying to figure out to edit videos better and in a style that I like, I haven't been writing blog posts like I use to. Today I'm trying out simpler blog posts because I've been really digging the simpler formats lately.

I have a tendency to just put on eye shadow or eyeliner with mascara then call it a day. A simple colorful eyeliner look is just as powerful as a full glam look. My skin needs a break too so here's a close up of a simple colorful eyeliner look I did recently.

Makeup Used 

Eyeliner - Revlon Colorstay Skinny liquid liner in Green Spark

Eyebrows - Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette in Cashmere Bunny and Sexpresso

Lips - Blistex

Do you prefer simple makeup looks or full glam looks?


Hey everyone!

I didn't really do much this week. I tried to write frantically to reach the middle of my novel, but failed. I uploaded a new writing episode and a Daiso and Walmart haul if you guys want to check that out. I'm really bad at marketing so I've been looking into how to market my content better since I want to take blogging semi-seriously. I'm not looking for this to become my job, but to create more friendships and find people who like talking about similar topics.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

It's the end of May, and I have many favorites to talk about.


notebook freebie from Worldwide Tai Chi & Qigong Day // I use this notebook primary for learning new skills and other tips. I like having a separate notebook for learning because I can find things easier.


jade darmawangsa // Insightful content about social media and getting to be the influencer you want to be. Her energy and drive to work and create content is inspiring to me.


free learning resources in general // I use Skillshare* to learn in more organized way than on Youtube. Although I do think that YouTube videos are more accessible especially video editing because some teachers use longer ways of doing something or are not as clear in their videos.


psych // I watched all eight seasons in one week. I enjoyed the comedy and personalities of everyone on the show. 

monk // I just finished the series before I wrote this post, and I had to take a break from shows for a bit. The ending made me cry. 


self care best practices from space on third // Although this is a basic self care guide, I like the way they categorize it in daily, weekly, and monthly practices.

things your home doesn't need from a considered life // This blog post has some good points in making sure your home has things you actually need and want instead of competing with others on your home looks.

how instagram stifles sustainability from eco warrior princess / // Instagram ads make it easy to buy without thinking. This post made me take a step back to analyze how I feel whenever I see an ad on instagram.

like-minded vs like-hearted from austin kleon // Inspiring read about the people you surround yourself with.

cosumption spirals from paul jarvis // Consumption spirals used to happen to me all the time when I was younger. Now I'm trying to find what makes me happy with what I already have.

*This specific link will give you two free months of Skillshare premium. It gives me a month of Skillshare free after your first payment of Skillshare premium (if you decided to keep premium).  

What have you been loving this month?


Hey everyone!

June is here, and I am trying to be more consistent with everything. I've been focusing more on my YouTube channel than this blog when I should really be working on both of them. It's a bad habit of  mine that I focus on one creative endeavor and forget about the rest. I have more than enough time on my hands to do both, and I will do both as I look for a new job.

Today I met up with one of my oldest friends at her younger sister's high school graduation and birthday party. It was two hours away, but it was definitely worth the trip. The food was good, however the heat was not. My poor SO drove for the whole trip back and forth which I appreciate despite the fact that that was the longest he's ever driven in one sitting. Hopefully he gets used to longer trips if my family ever decides to go to Disneyland or Las Vegas, and he gets permission to go with us.

If you haven't watched my latest Writing Episode, then you haven't heard about the cool news. So spoilers ahead if you want to watch the video first before you keep reading.

Done with the video? 

I've become the guild leader of the Writers Guild on Habitica. I just recently created a June Camp NaNoWriMo challenge where you try to reach a word count that you set for yourself in the month of June (instead of waiting for July like everyone else). I wanted to kick start my writing since I already have a novel outlined. I already wrote about two pages of it yesterday, so after I'm done with this post, I'll be checking off some habits and writing for an hour or so!

Since I've done some changes to my creative routine, I'm messing with the format of future blog posts, so I'd love your feedback in the next few months! My video editing game is steadily getting better, but I'm still miles away from my vision for my channel.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

Now that this semester is over, I'm trying to divide up my time to create more content that I enjoy. I like learning about video editing for my YouTube channel. I uploaded writing episode #2 and started a mini clean with me series. I'm trying out different types of videos to get a feel on what I like recording and editing most. It really shows how different I've become. If you have read any posts from my early years, which I don't recommend because I still haven't reformatted everything yet, then you can definitely see a difference in on how I write and share content.

I'm still wavering about whether or not I want to write more "informally" (with emojis, CAPITOL LETTERS, and other types of writing styles that have been floating around in the blogosphere lately), but I can't get myself to write in a way that isn't natural to me. I reserve the LMFAO and omg to my family and friends since they can understand when I'm being sarcastic or not. It's difficult to tell when someone is joking on the internet unless you spend a lot of time on it and are able to pick up the difference between "no,,,way!!!" and "no...way." It's almost like an art form for people.

But I have nothing else to say about this week. Except I didn't realize how hard it is to record a write with me video when you don't have a good angle to record without having your camera fall over. I tried to record the video while sitting on a lower table. Still no luck. I guess I'll have to think creatively for this challenge.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

Better late than never, right? I've read a few articles during April that have really gave me some good advice. April was crunch time for school so there is a bit of everything because I procrastinated on most of my classes that month.


Still the Most Important Piece of Financial Advice You’ll Ever Receive by Joshua Becker // I have a love/hate relationship with money so this post was helpful for me.

Daniel Martin's Tips for Looking Luminous // I watched a video where he and a beauty youtuber talked about the different techniques they use for makeup. He's one of the few makeup artists that I actually want to follow along with.

Better Business Graphics // I wanted to try out new graphics for the blog. This post has the basics and some ways to level up your designs for when you're ready.


Smoothie Bowls by chocolatecoveredkatie // I became obssessed with smoothie bowls March and April. I decided to figure out how to make my own during April so I don't spend about $8 each time I go to a smoothie place.

Blueberry Lemon Poppy Seed Scones // I love scones with a passion, but these are amazing.


Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person // This video was interesting. I have mixed feelings about the concept, but I think I'll be addressing them in separate blog post if I can articulate them in a way that I like.

What have you loved in the month of April?


Hey everyone!

Next week is finals so I'll try to keep this post short. I uploaded two videos: a writing video and my first tattoo experience video. I am getting the hang of this YouTube business, but I'm creating videos for the experience of it. I want to learn better video editing skills for the future and keep myself accountable for my goals. I'll be uploading a new writing video later today if I don't end up writing for the whole day.

I volunteered to become a guild leader for the Writers guild on Habitica. I wrote about using Habitica again and featured it in a 4 Apps I Use to Organize My Life post, but I might make an updated post since I've changed the way I use the website.

What have you been up to this week?