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I mentioned in my LIFE HAPPENS #66 post about how I started to practice witchcraft. I realized while writing that post that it may scare or intimidate people who don't truly understand what witchcraft is. I've always been interested in the Craft, but it wasn't until recently that something flipped the switch in my brain to start practicing it. It's been years from the original time I started learning, so I'm a little rusty, but hopefully this post will help clarify what witchcraft really is. Keep in mind that the rules and practices of witchcraft are different for each person and that definitions vary between religions and people so if something sounds different from what you've heard before, then you should do more research on the topic to truly understand the little details of witchcraft.

The traditional ways to practice witchcraft are Paganism and Wicca. They're very similar, however Wicca is based on Paganism, but also believes in duel deities. There is an abundance of different types of witches, but those two are the most well known and the types I will be focusing on in this blog post. The original or traditional practitioners of the Wicca have two main rules known as Witch's Redes. The first one is if you put out negativity (as in hexes, curses, etc.) then it will come back to you threefold. The second is to harm none. See how those two redes are connected? Of course, those only apply to those who practice the "traditional" Craft or adopt it into their work. There has been some talk about how the threefold rule was made up by an author, but that's another story altogether.

Witchcraft has different subcategories ranging from kitchen witches to god/goddess praising witches to atheist witches. The most important aspect of witchcraft is that it is all based on you and what you want to do. You're using your own energy to power your work so whatever you decide to work with will be special to you. However, there are a lot of different items used in witchcraft that many people agree on in terms of definitions and importance. For example, clear quartz are seen as a good crystal to use for beginners as you can charge them with whatever intent you want as they are seen as a general crystal. Although it is more powerful to find a crystal that corresponds with your intent and personal correspondences, a clear quartz is a good basic to have on hand for when you don't have the right crystal for a spell, charm, etc.

The fact that all the power is based on yourself is the reason why witchcraft appeals to me. I am the one who connects with a god or goddess if I choose so. I am the one who makes sure that a spell is right for me. There's a freedom in immersing myself in witchcraft. I can "stop" being a witch for a time, but once I'm ready to go back, it's like no time has passed at all. There's usually no rigid structure when it comes to worship in witchcraft. You can worship the traditional Greek gods, Pokemon, whoever, or whatever you want.

Since I'm still considering on what or who exactly I want to worship (or if I even want to worship someone/something), I've tentatively labeled myself as an eclectic witch. A witch that practices a bit of everything. I know I'll be learning more about divination, pop culture magic, and the like as they're some of the topics that drew me back into witchcraft. I know witchcraft isn't for everyone, just like Catholicism and other religions aren't for everyone, but I'm already finding my way through my Craft.

Have you learned something new about witchcraft? What are some perceptions of witchcraft that you'd like me to dispel?


Hey everyone!

I'm currently on a time crunch. I told myself I wouldn't procrastinate, but look at where we are? The procrastination station with Ellie. This is the life I live, and I really should change it. Once I'm done with all the work that I was suppose to be done with earlier this week. Someone should come yell at me.

This week not only have I procrastinated, I have tentatively chosen to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) again. This is the third year in a row, but about my tenth or so attempt to do it. I did hit over 50,000 words in 2015, but in 2016 a family emergency had blindsided me. This year I've started to outline and prep before NaNoWriMo as a way to be more prepared to write. I've also decided to make a bullet journal for my writing as a way to keep everything organized.

So expect daily updates on my writing in NaNoWriMo. I thought that maybe making a video everyday would be fun, but I don't have the time to truly edit videos like I want to in that frame time. Maybe I'll do a little vlog each day and compile them into a video at the end of the month? Hopefully I'll be able to finish my novel next month.

What have you been up to this week? 


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Since it's Friday the 13th, I wanted to make a quick list about my favorite Filipino superstitions. These are only the ones that I've been told by my family or are the most commonly known. The Philippines in made up of islands so each region will have their own unique superstitions. I find that the "tamer" ones are on the main island where the capital Manila is. My family has experienced a lot of paranormal activity over the years so I'm used to hearing about many different superstitions and stories.

Don't take photos of three people or the one of them will die. // Usually the middle one will die, but I've been told that anyone in the photo could have their days numbered.

Don't stand from tallest to shortest or the middle person will stop growing or die. // This one is similar to the photo one. One of my friends always made sure that none of us stood from tallest to shortest since she's very superstition like me.

Don't sleep with wet hair or you'll go blind. // There's a lot of variations to this superstition. I know my family also doesn't like braiding their hair when it's wet for a similar reason.

Always have money in your wallet so you may have a full wallet. // Every time I get a new wallet, one of my family members will give me a dollar or a penny to put into it. Even if you're not using the wallet, you must have a penny or a dollar in it so you don't tempt anything into depleting your savings account.

Put coconut oil at the front door, windows, and other doorways to ward off a manananggal. // A manananggal is a vampire like woman who splits herself apart from the waist up and down. The bottom part of her body would walk around while the top half will fly. They usually take on the appearance of a beautiful woman in the daylight hours. Manananggals eat unborn children so the coconut oil is used to ward them off.

Don't sleep under certain trees or you will be taken by their spirits or killed. // This superstition includes specific trees, but each one differs from region to region. If you sleep under a tree you're not suppose to, the spirit or being that lives in that tree will either take you away or kill you for disturbing it.

There's a lot more superstitions that can be found in the Philippines. These are the ones that I know intimately as I've heard them throughout my life or learned of it from friends.

What are some of your favorite superstitions? 


Hey everyone!

I know I might be getting some flack for not putting "witchier" fashion on this set. However, most people won't be able to recognize a witch in real life. Most witches don't follow the "usual witch wardrobe." If you're thinking all black clothing and pointy hats, you'd be right on the nose. In today's fashion world, witches wear whatever they want. There's so many categories of witches and each witch has their own individual style that you can only tell if they're truly a witch is if they tell you. And even then, they could lie to you. So the witch fashion here is based on what I like to wear on a daily basis with a few tweaks since I can't find all of my clothes on Polyvore.

Untitled #1

Untitled #2

Untitled #3

Untitled #3 by laceituplove featuring layered jewelry

What kinds of clothing do you think of when you hear the word "witch"?


Hey everyone!

September was the start of the new school semester. Although it's sad to see summer gone, I like my new routine. This month I didn't try out a lot of new products, but I have read and listened to a lot of different genres and topics.


warden of the woods - the knife zine // I love Warden of the Woods. I think I mentioned this zine in past favorites post. This new edition to the series deals with a controversial topic that doesn't reveal itself until near the middle and end of the zine. This is one of my favorite zine series that I eagerly await the next installment of.


time it takes to see results from skin care from the klog // I'm a firm believer of trying out products in a considerable amount of time to truly see results. Whenever I find out that someone only took a week or so to try out a new product, I'm always thinking about how it would work in a longer time period. I enjoyed the way this article puts into prospective the best way to figure out if a product works or not.

please stop trying to empower women with cutesy titles from fastcompany // I never liked the book #Girlboss, and this article sums up what I think about it and similar terms in a concise and thoughtful way. I definitely agree with most of the points of this article.

does it spark joy is the wrong decluttering question from becoming minimalist // I mentioned in a few past fashion posts that I have narrowed down my wardrobe to what sparks joy. But this article really put into prospective why framing your minimalism with that question doesn't fully impact your mind and change your views. I think reading more from becoming minimalist has really helped me cut down on what I don't need in my life.


pain ft caitlin weber by eppic // Anything from Eppic is going to be, well, epic. A lot of his music and raps are emotional and talks about feelings without being too corny. I feel like most of his music is for those days where you want to connect with your feelings more.


the adorakable misogyny of the big bang theory // I will admit to watching only one or two episodes of The Big Bang series, but the ones I did watch made me uncomfortable for a reason I couldn't put into words. This video sums up everything that I felt when watching the show. It definitely helped me figure out why I don't like watching the series.


lore // I love listening to Lore in the morning, when I'm working, or just about every time I feel like learning more about dark historical tales that still influence modern society. Every episode is well researched and the music is soothing.

circle of salt // This is one of the first podcasts that I started listening to this month, and I love it. The sass and snark of the S. Rune Emerson and Felix Warren about witchcraft and the occult helps me learn more about the Craft in an easy going way. I definitely recommend listening to them for a more experienced perspective about witchcraft.

What have you been loving this month?


Hey everyone!

It's the last day of September, and I am ready for October and all that goodness. I have a ton of homework to turn in tomorrow and an exam on Tuesday, so I'll keep this life update short with what I did today. Because the rest of the week was full of school and stress. Except for the start of ZNation. That episode was shocking and you should definitely watch it.

Today I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with my dad, uncle, and one of my three brothers. My brother and I didn't feel like going on any of the rides, so we went to the animal attractions. We went to Six Flags because it was my dad's company picnic. They usually have the picnics in the same areas so we went to the sting ray area to find our lunch. I wanted to touch the sting rays as I always love being close to animals. I felt blessed as one sting ray stayed near me and my family as I tried to touch them.

After lunch, my brother and I started out on our animal journey. Along the way he bought some souvenirs for his teachers. I didn't plan to buy anything, but I'm always breaking that silent promise. I fell in love with the butterfly garden when we finally found it. The butterflies were gorgeous. I loved them, despite the fact the room got humid very fast. I ended up getting a chunky rose quartz and pyrite crystal from the butterfly souvenir store. I couldn't help myself, but the crystals were calling me.

Another "purchase" was actually a prize from a claw machine! It may have taken me four tries, but I did get an Eevee backpack. I wanted to try for the Squirtle, however my brother had to urge me away from spending all my money. We left the amusement park soon after that as my father and uncle didn't want to stay for the start of Halloween Haunt, and I was getting thirsty. I wasn't going to spend $4.50 for a soda.

The rest of the day, I relaxed by finishing some of my photography homework. And now I need to finish the rest of my work. There's no rest for the wicked.

What have you been up to this week?


Hey everyone!

This post wasn't on the editorial calendar because I didn't think I'd be going to my college's career fair. I had class during the beginning of the fair, and it wasn't going to end until it was about halfway done. In a twist of events, the lab ended early. I found myself in the middle of a bustling event looking for one of my friends to walk around with and take a few free items.

I got a reusable bag with a water bottle just for signing up and getting a name tag. While my friend snagged me a stress ball from a booth with construction and similar jobs because I didn't want to get into a conversation with the people at the booth. They were already eyeing me weirdly whenever I walked by. I wasn't about to get into a conversation with them.

I ended up at the Amazon booth because my friend was trying to find booths who had easy to reach items on their tables. She's really smooth at taking items off the tables that I didn't want to question her on where she sharpened her skills. I got lured into talking with the two guys at the booth by their perky personalities and the words "no resume needed." I applied for a part time job a few minutes after I was done speaking with them.

I'll be going today to the next stage of the hiring process which is where I'll most likely be taking a medical test of some sort. I honestly didn't see this sequence of events happening this morning. If you don't know, I am a witch. Yes, an honest to goodness witch. I have always been interested in Witchcraft when I was younger, but it never felt like the right time. I was suddenly pulled into the Craft a few months ago, however that's another story.

I started doing daily tarot readings to see how my day would go and to compare the guess and the reality. Today's two card pull was the 8 of Wands and the inverse of 2 of Wands from the Manga tarot card deck from Lo Scarabeo S.r.l. 8 of Wands is the advice I was given while the inverse of 2 of Wands is the why. I did a one card summary where I ended up with the inverse of Queen of Chalices.

The 8 of Wands was right in that I went with the flow and adapted to the situation. I wasn't really curious in the beginning as the inverse of 2 of Wands implied. It may be the reason why the inverse of Queen of Chalices showed up in the one card summary. My mind was telling me to go out there and find a job, but everything else was telling me no.

As a result, I unconsciously followed the 8 of Wands' advice and somehow ended up applying for a job before my next class. Now I'm going to the next part of the hiring process where I will hopefully have a part time job in a week or so! Not only am I excited for that, ZNation is back tonight with season four! I'll be tweeting as always so don't forget to join in on the fun at 9/8c on the SyFy channel!

Will you be watching the newest season of ZNation tonight?