Hey everyone!

Yet again, it has been another slow week. One of the only exciting events that has happened to me was that I took a walk around one of my local lakes. I took my camera with me to practice my photography. It felt a little awkward to be walking around with it. The camera also felt like it was getting heavier every step I took which is definitely a sign that I need to gain a little more strength.

While taking the walk, I tried to center myself and sort through my feelings. Since I've been feeling hopeless lately, I knew that I had to reevaluate myself and my goals. Of course, I want to accomplish my summer goals, but I don't want to finish them and mess up my mental health. For now, I'm not dropping any of my goals. I'll most likely be adjusting them so I don't burn out.

Since I didn't do much this week, I'll leave you with a new song that I've been listening to lately. It's definitely going onto my July favorites post next month.

Thanks for reading! What have you been up to this week? Leave a comment down below!


Hey everyone!

June was a slow, long month. I ended up reading a lot of comics and listening to new music.


acne fighting face wash in spearmint, orange and green tea from tara lee naturals // I wanted to find a more affordable face wash than the


webtoon // The site in general has a lot of comics and makes it easier for creators to get paid. The Webtoon app easier to navigate than the Tapastic app also. 

siren's lament - webtoon // I love the art and the storyline. The concept of the sirens in this comic is interesting and there's a lot of twists and turns. I'm not sure who to root for in this one.

lumine - webtoon // This comic is only in the early stages of setting up the plot, but I already love Lumine and Kory. I'm excited to see where this comic goes.

trump - webtoon // Contrary to the name, it is not about political policies or the like. There is a bit of politics, but it's mostly about keeping a certain group of people alive and the politics of school. I've finished season one, but I haven't gotten around to catching up with season two and three.


don't mess with me by temposhark // I was scrolling through the Reverse!Pines tag on Tumblr and saw a few lyrics from this song. It's amazing.

hopeless fountain kingdom by halsey // I love practically every song off this album. Each song is different, but together they create a story. My favorites are Lies ft Quavo and Bad At Love.

biggie smalls - cupcakke // I've seen a few posts about cupcakke, but I hadn't listened to any of her songs since I'm not into rap. However, I fell in love with this song for its beautiful message. It doesn't fat shame or skinny shame women, and it actually takes about loving one's self without bringing others down. I definitely recommend it.

That's it for what I've been in love with in June! Thanks for reading. What did you love in June? leave a comment down below!


Hey everyone!

It was another slow week for me. I have been working on my resume, but I keep delaying on sending it out and finding a job. I'm sure there's a psychological reason for it, however I'm more concerned about my mental health than getting a job. For the past week or so, I've been using an app called Pacifica to track my daily moods. Practically every input is an "Okay." The only day where it was "Good" or "Great" was when I met up with some friends on Thursday. Spending so much energy with them has made me tired to socialize for the next few days. I honestly don't remember the last time I spent time with other people besides my family or left my room for so long. It's getting to the point where I know it will start hurting me mentally and physically.

I can't let it get to that point. So I have decided to be more proactive in getting treatment. Although I hate going to a therapist/psychologist/whatever, it's something that I have to take into consideration. I am due for a check up anyway. You would not believe how long it's been since I've seen a doctor.

In other news, I've started to learn Greek in addition to Irish and Spanish. It's a hard language to write as I'm not used to letters. I might learn how to write circular gallifray for writing secret messages and other fun stuff. It looks complicated, but there are a lot of different ways to write and read the language since it didn't have an "official" codex in Doctor Who.

Thanks for reading! What have you been up to this week? Leave a comment down below!


Hey everyone!

I didn't do much this week. I went thrifting for some new teacups for divining, but I ended up getting a large cup and saucer combination for making sweets and tea. There were a few teacups that I was eyeing, however I wasn't sure if I had space for them. I might go back for them if I can't find any teacups anywhere else.

I've been looking for shirts to turn into crop tops whenever I go out. Buying crop tops are usually a hassle especially since I tend to want a certain material or image, but can't seem to find them. The best crop tops are the thicker material shirts like cotton and such. Guy's clothing seems the best way to make a crop top that's not too thin and see through. Maybe I'll go to Target to find shirts on sale to make crop tops in the next few weeks.

That's it for this week. Pretty boring right? I'm trying to get my summer goals done, but I holding myself back. I'm planning to just start something tomorrow so I can get some of them done by late August or early September.

Thanks for reading! How has your week been? Anything exciting happen to you? Leave a comment down below!


Hey everyone!

This post is late, but better late than never right? April and May went by fast. I didn't really have a lot of favorites for April which is why I put my April and May favorites together this month.



manga tarot // I've had this tarot deck for years, and I've finally gotten the nerve to learn how to read them. I always thought learning how to read tarot cards would be a huge production, but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.


super secret by eon on webtoons // The story of a werewolf who's in love with his best friend. It's not the typical kind of supernatural love you'd expect from a plot like that. The dynamics between Ryan and Emma makes me want to cry. The latest updates has hurt my heart.

oh! holy by Ahyeon on webtoons // Another love story where the main characters like each other, but everything gets in the way. This comic is a roller coaster ride of emotions.



ebates* // I've started using this cashback site since I've been loving Etsy lately. It's slow going, but at least I can get some cashback whenever I shop.


sacred rock stars // I love the selenite heart crystal I got from this shop. The rose quartz I bought is also gorgeous.

slytherin morse code bracelets // I found this shop while looking for Slytherin merch. I only know the morse code for SOS, but I never thought of this idea before. I'll definitely buy a custom bracelet in the future.

shymyrtle // A great place for buying bulk ribbon and velvet. I use them to make chokers and other jewelry pieces.


mad love album by jojo // I'm late to the album, but at least it's in my life now. High Heels,Vibes, and Reckless are my top three favorites from the album.

What did you love in April and May? 

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Hey everyone!

Not only have I not been writing blog posts like I want to, my desire to do practically anything I love is dwindling. Although I've gotten better at going out and taking long walks with my family to enjoy nature, I just haven't really been feeling anything lately. I know this is a lot heavier than my normal posts, but it's something important to me that I need to work on and grow from.

What does this mean for you guys? A lot more witchcraft related posts that I might cross post on my Witchcraft Tumblr. More in depth posts about my wardrobe and why I choose each piece. A little bit more insight about my mental health and how mental illnesses don't really go away. Lots of pop culture as I can't hide it on this blog anymore since it's a huge part of my life. I want to be more open, and this blog was created for that purpose. It's time to own up to it.

Hope you guys had a great week! Thanks for reading! 


Hey everyone!

Summer is officially here for me. I decided to go easy on the goals since I know I'm not in the right mindset to finish a lot this summer.

Learn a new language // Since school had been in session, I hadn't continued learning languages in
the pace I wanted. I've downloaded Duolingo again to make sure I can learn on the go. I might start learning how to speak Greek or French in addition to Irish and Spanish.

Learn how to sew // I blame one of my friends for this goal. She somehow got me interested in Miraculous Ladybug last month so now I want to learn the basics of sewing. Not only would it be a good idea for future clothing emergencies, but it would be nice to learn how to make simple clothing.

Learn how to play an instrument // I had to stop learning how to play an instrument earlier in the year since I was traveling a lot. I still remember the basics for playing the ocarina, but I really need to figure out a good time to play.

Finish writing the middle of my book  (or alternatively, write 500 words a day) // I'm about a third of the way done with my current novel. I'm trying to get into the habit of writing everyday, but I can't seem to figure out when I want to write. Hopefully I figure it out soon because I'd really like to be done with my novel by the beginning of next year.

Since I'm focusing on four goals this summer, I think it's safe to say that I'm most likely going to finish most, if not all, of these goals. I'm a little bit unsure on how to continue my novel at this point, but I'm confident it'll be done sometime early next year. Hopefully.

Thanks for reading! Do you have goals for the summer? Share what they are in the comments below!