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Today I decided to try out the Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. It's the first dry shampoo I've tried, and it was a nice experience. The shampoo had a slight baby powder smell to it. It felt a little wet and airy when I applied it to my hair, but that feeling went away as I brushed out my hair. There weren't any flakes from the dry shampoo, which was an A+ because I have black hair. No one likes the look of dandruff.

My hair felt clean and light after using the product. I saw no difference from when I don't use dry shampoo, except the lightness of my hair. All in all, I don't know if I'd recommend this product because I have never used dry shampoo and I don't have the adequate information to compare it to other brands. Maybe I'll buy another brand of dry shampoo and make a comparison test.

*The NYMCleanFreak Dry Shampoo was given to me free by Influenster for testing purposes. This is my honest review on the product. All comments and opinions are my own.

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Have a great New Year's Eve!

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