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*I bought all products out of my own pocket. I was not asked to endorse products created by Spectrum Cosmetics. All opinions are my own.

I recently bought a grab bag from an Etsy shop called Spectrum Cosmetics. I had wanted to try out small business products and Spectrum Cosmetics had a wide arrange of make up that I really liked. They had a lot of eyeshadow at reasonable prices with many different colors to choose from. It was easy to navigate through the shop and find just want I was looking for. 

The grab bag was either a make up only product or a body oriented products or a mixture of both. I decided on make up only products because I wanted some new make up. Each grab bag comes with six items. My grab bag had a three eye shadows, a mineral foundation, and two lipsticks. 

The products were packaged nicely in bubble wrap and came with a business card. 

The lipsticks were in a dark case which I really liked. I had gotten a electric purple and chalkboard like colors. They had a chalky, crayon smell and tingled a little when applied to my lips. Although they are not shades I would wear in public because they wash out my skin tone, they're definitely colors I would wear if they had complimented my skin tone.  

The eye shadows were a dark orange, a light brown, and a dark red called Sinner. They were sealed nicely with a protective covering that made sure the product wouldn't spill out. 

The colors were vibrant and there was a lot of product in the small packages. They are loose eye shadows, so there was a bit of a fallout when applying them. However, they looked very nice against my tanned skin.

The last product I had gotten was a mineral foundation in a light tan called Sienna. I'm not much of a foundation girl, so I'm not very sure on whether or not it matches my skin tone. It seems a little light which makes me think that it wouldn't match. I will be giving the foundation to one of my friends who matches the skin tone and will be having her tell me her experience with it.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. I had gotten a few quality items to try out and they were better than expected. I definitely be recommending this shop to people who are looking for affordable makeup while supporting small businesses.

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