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I will be reviewing the KISS Looks So Natural Eyelashes given to me by Influenster in the J'Adore voxbox. All views are my honest opinion.

I haven't tried wearing falsies in a long time. The first time I tried them, I had no idea how to take them off. It was a disaster. When I saw the KISS Lashes in the J'Adore Voxbox,  I was hesitant to try them because of that bad experience.

But it went wonderfully. The lashes were easy to apply and lasted the whole day. However, it was hard to put them on because of my bad vision. It took a long time to put them on exactly as I wanted to. They looked natural, but I have small short eyelashes which made the long, tapered ends of the Flirty KISS Lashes look awkward against my eyes. I also used eyeliner on my upper eyelid so if the lashes weren't aligned correctly, at least it would be hidden by the eyeliner. I would recommend this brand, but I would suggest making sure to pick lashes that look similar to yours unless you're going for a different look.

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