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I had recently won a giveaway hosted by a few blogs from beautyoholic site. I had just received the package a few days ago and would like to share my first impressions! *This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own. 

I had won a pamper sampler which is a product from For Sanity's Sake from etsy. It's filled with samples from other shops looking to promote their businesses. It's available in the U.S., Canada, and International-basically, they sell worldwide. There's three different sizes to it.

Petite Pamper Sampler $12
contains 3-8 random samples

Mezzo Pamper Sampler $18
contain 10-15 random samples

Grande Pamper Sampler $24
contains 24-30 random samples

The moment I smelled the lavender coming from the box I knew I would have a new favorite product. I love the calming scent of lavender and was excited to see what exactly is inside.

From For Sanity's Sake Products I had gotten a one ounce baggy of their Homemade Natural Lavender Flowers Bath Salts. It has a really strong scent and the product look so cute. There's a business card stapled onto the front with a list of the ingredients and instructions of how to use the product. I love the scent of lavender and was excited to see this inside. I can't wait to use this product for relaxing after a hard week of tutoring chemistry students in summer school.

Nelly's Quilt Room had sent orange peel wax tarts. They're made from recycled wax and have a faint wax like smell. I don't really use candles or wax tarts, but I'm really excited to try out this product since I'm trying to find natural products that would make my room smell better.

Slippery Creek sent a two fluid ounce sample of their conditioning shampoo in almond mint. The product has a slight minty smell and a pretty tan color. The label is simple yet pretty. The ingredients are clearly listed on the front with the instructions underneath them. Although I would recommend that they would clearly state that there are instructions on the front since the font is so small.

All in all, I'm really satisfied with all the products in the box. The products look so simple yet chic. I can't wait to try everything! I will definitely buy a grande box in the future.

*Updated 03.13.17: This product is no longer for sale. Stores that are no longer opened are not linked. 

Thanks for reading!

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