Hey everyone!

I've decided to do a monthly favorites blog post! So expect a roundup of my favorite items of the month! This month I have a variety of different items that I've really been loving. Let’s get started!


Rainbow Looms // Okay, I know rainbow looms are more of a crafty item. But you wear them like jewelry, so there. I really love the rainbow loom bracelets my younger cousin sent me. Aren’t they so cute?!

July Favorites Jewelry.JPG


Sanrio Hello Kitty pencil // This is THE pencil for me. It's slim, light, and glides on paper. The one pictured is the third one I have because the first one had gotten lost while the second one got broken. This is the pencil that I would never want to lose. The Sanrio store that sold this pencil closed down which really sent me into a panic. I'm hoping that this pencil doesn't end up like the first two. It's one of those items I'd never want to live without.

PenGems // Okay, these pens are amazing. Need more proof? Here’s my review of the product. Need I say more?

Small Journals // I love carrying small notebooks in my bag. It’s easier for me to write with and I can doodle whenever I want to. It doesn’t look rude if I pull it out to jot down someone’s number or address and I have a physical copy of something in case my phone dies.

July Favorites Stationary.JPG

Simple Night Cream // What I like about this cream is that it's fragrance free and it has a medium thickness to it. It leaves my face moisturized and feeling soft. Although it does take time for it to dry, depending on how much you use, in the morning my face always feels like it's been refreshed and soft.

Physicians Formula Eye Lash Booster // I've been using this eye lash booster for months. I've noticed that my eyelashes have been getting a little more curl and haven't been falling out a lot. It's really helped my small lashes feel a little defined and i love how easy it is to apply along my lash line.

July Favorites Beauty.JPG
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Creamliner Trio // These eyeliners are stack able and goes on smooth. They’re easy to use and easy to carry around in my bag. The brush is also travel friendly and I can switch up the colors whenever I’m feeling something different.


Thrift Stores // Recently I’ve loved going to thrift stores. I usually look through the book aisle because a girl could never have too many books, but I’ve started to venture into the clothing. I found so many great items there like an xhilaration dress for $7 which is about $15 or so at Target. It’s in perfect condition and I fell in love with it. Some other items include a very pretty fairy crop top and an adorable bow purse. Needless to say that thrift stores are my favorite places to shop.

July Favorites Fashion.JPG
You guys don't understand the pains I went through trying to get a good picture of this!

Bandeaus //
Bandeaus are so easy to style. You can wear pretty printed ones on their own or throw a tank top or crop top over them. I usually wear them when I’m wearing a muscle tee because they give the shirt a more polished feel.

And that’s all for July! I’ve really been working on finding a balanced style for my personality. I think I’ve gotten pretty far with the type of clothing I’ve started to fall in love with. I can’t wait for you guys to see my new style!

What have you guys been loving this July?


Hey guys!

I recently went to Kmart for the first time! The store is usually a little too far for my family to want to go to, but my dad wanted to check out the store. The store was really bright and organized which I really like. It’s a lot more easier to navigate around than my nearby WalMart. Although the prices are a little bit higher, I still liked the vibe coming from the store. I did get stared at though. I think it was my bunny wire headband. I adore the look, and I have about ten of them.

 Anyway, I had gotten about five new makeup related products. Here’s an overview:

e.l.f. Dual Sharpener I needed a pencil sharpener for my eyeliners since I don’t have one specifically for makeup. This one was inexpensive and had an extra one that I can put into a travel makeup bag.

e.l.f. Eyelid Primer in Sheer I have a sample size of this primer and I really like it. It’s easy to apply and makes it easier for me to use when doing a natural look. I decided against buying the pearl shade because I don’t usually use bright eyeshadow.

Wet N Wild Mega Volume in Very Black I love mascara. I was trying to look for the new L’oreal Miss Manga mascara, but Kmart didn’t seem to have it. I decided to get this mascara because it was cheap and I liked the way it looked.

Jordana Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Fix This is a liquid eyeliner pencil. Does anyone else find the concept of a liquid eyeliner being a pencil eyeliner mysterious and triggers a need to know if it works? Well, I do. I got it in purple fix because I love the look of purple with brown eyes. It really makes the uniqueness of a person’s eyes stand out.

Jordana Sweet N Smooth in Yummy Strawberry Does this product remind anyone else of Baby Lips? This item is very small and compact. I didn’t know that Jordana had a new product line out and was excited to see if it would compare to Baby Lips. Since the packaging makes one assume that it’s trying to infer that it’s a cheaper alternative to Baby Lips, I’m willing to try it out.


I also went to FoodMax and found this little gem. Lipton White Tea in blueberry pomegranate. I never tried white tea before and I decided what the heck! Might as well do it now! I got blueberry pomegranate because I felt like it would have a slightly more bitter taste which I prefer with my teas. I’ll let you guys know what I think about it later! And that is all for this haul!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Monday! See you next time!

Is Feedspot legit?

Hey guys!

I came across a problem that many other bloggers are facing. I have another blog that I have been MIA because of school and personal problems. It's a book blog and I've recently been contacted by Feedspot that I have 27 followers on their site and they offered me a free premium account for a year. Like I normally do with emails, I checked out if the site is legit.

It is supposedly, but it steals the contents of the blog. As in, takes the entire blog posts and doesn't link back to my blog. They're taking people's content and putting ads and making money on their content. That's not right. Here's a blog post about what one blogger has been trying to do about it and the results: http://biguniversesmallworld.blogspot.com/2013/10/is-feedspot-stealing-my-blog-content.html.

I'm concerned about whether or not any of you guys have been contacted by this person. I'm not sure to do in this situation as any direction I would go would cause this blog and the other to be unavailable to you guys. I don't want that. I will be trying to find a way to fix this problem and hopefully get back to you guys about.

That's all for today guys!

#100happydays Week 4

Hey guys!

Week 4 of my 100 happy days challenge contains past personal experiences that may cause some tears. As always, here’s the website and the blog post. Let’s get started!

Week 4 Sun.JPG

Day 20
Listening to music while writing is so relaxing for me. These indie bands are amazing! I got the CDs from the Music Box Subscription and I have a review up if you guys want to check it out. There is also a review up of the PenGem pictured above.

Week 4 Mon.JPG

Day 21
A slightly person post was up this day because of a combination of emotional distress and an anniversary. Please check out the post on instagram.

Week 4 Tues.JPG

Day 22
A few of the people I tutor for chemistry during summer school. They’re pretty cool guys.

Week 4 Wed.JPG

Day 23
Huge shirts are a must have for me. They’re nice, comfy, and can be worn at all day everyday. This one was given to me by my cousins and it’s so cute.

Week 4 Thurs.JPG

Day 24
I love the rainbow loom lanyard that my younger cousin gave me! It’s so adorable and looks really nice with the rest of my key chains.

Week 4 Fri.JPG

Day 25
A filtered selfie showing off the Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Lollipop. It’s a pretty
fuchsia color that I love for the days when I feel like getting more girly.

Week 4 Sat.JPG

Day 26
Weird texts from my favorite people always makes me laugh. Or shiver in disgust.

And that is all for this week! Check out my giveaway if you guys haven't seen it yet! Hope you guys had a wonderful week and don’t forget to smile.

(CLOSED)Giveaway: Azure Natural ULTIMATE RETINOL Anti Wrinkle Serum

Hey guys!

This is my first ever giveaway! Yay! I will be having a giveaway for a bottle of Azure Naturals Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Serum. Read my review here to see what I think of the product.

Make sure to enter with the widget below. Good luck guys!

Beauty Review: Azure Naturals ULTIMATE RETINOL Anti Wrinkle Serum

Hey guys!

The Azure Naturals Ultimate Retinol Anti Wrinkle Serum is made with all natural ingredients and made in the USA. It’s cruelty free and is not tested on animals!

Retinol Pic.JPG

The consistency is a slightly gooey with a light yellow tint to it. When you apply it onto the skin, it feels cold and doesn't feel sticky. I was relieved since I don't like using products that leave my skin feeling like a pancake. Although the serum does smell a little bit like plastic, the scent doesn't really turn me off from the product.

Application is easy with its pump. Well, I call it a pump. You can either use your hands or a brush specially designed for liquids. Since the pump doesn't clog up or break easily, losing the cap can cause a mess especially if small children end up playing with the product. It takes a few pumps to get the product out of the container, but it's relatively easy to get more after your first time.
Since retinol can be very overpowering if you haven't used it before, you should start out in small uses. First use it every other day for a week or two then use it everyday. It'll help your skin adjust to the product.

After a few days, I noticed that the fine lines around my eyes have reduced. I also noticed that the scarring on my checks have started to become a little lighter. My acne has started to reduce which is amazing. I've been fighting acne for about seven years and this product has really helped my skin clear up.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend you guys try it out for yourselves.

What do you guys think of this product? Does it look like something you’d want to try out?

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

How to Make Simple Charms

Hey guys!

I’m here to show you a simple way to make charms that can be used as earrings, bracelet charms, anklet charms, or whatever project you’re working on. Let’s get started!

Head pin or eye pin
Beads of your choosing
Chain nose pliers
Wire looping pliers (optional)
Wire cutter pliers (optional)
Bead mat (optional)

DIY Charm 1 (Redone).jpg

1) Create a design for your charm

DIY Charm 2 (Redone).jpg

2) Put the design onto the head pin starting with the end of the design and ending with the top of the design.

DIY Charm 4.JPG

3) Leave a little space between the beads and the top of the head pin. If you don’t have wire looping pliers, use your hands to bend the head pin into a 90 degree angle. If you have wire looping pliers, you can bend the head pin into a 90 degree angle in a more precise way.

DIY Charm 6 (Redone).jpg

4) Wrap the wire around the space you left on the head pin a few times to create a loop and enclosure around the beads. You can use the chain nose pliers or your hands. If there is left over wire that can’t be wrapped around the head pin anymore, then use wire cutters to trim it off.

DIY Charm 7.JPG

And you're done! You can use these charms for charm bracelets, earrings, or whatever you like! If you do make charms using this tutorial, send me a picture! Just @laceituplove on instagram or twitter. Thanks for reading!

Rainbow Loom Addiction

Hey guys!

I’m here to talk to you guys about a serious matter. Rainbow loom addiction. Everywhere I go, I see young children and sometimes even teenagers and adults, addicted to making rainbow loom bracelets. I wonder.  Why are they so popular? Was it the colorfulness of the bands? Were they easy to make? Why are adults and teens making them?

I decided to get right to the source and ask one of my younger cousins a few questions on exactly why she loves rainbow looms. Beware, the answers are short and to the point.

When did you get your first rainbow loom?
August - October 2013

How much do you spend on rainbow looming items?

How long does it take for you to learn how to make new rainbow loom bracelets?
About a day.

Why do you like to use it?
Because I get bored easily and kids at school always had a rainbow loom bracelet.

Why are rainbow looms so popular?
Because they are.

As you can see, young children just like to make rainbow looms. It may not seem like a big deal, but in an era where technology has started to become a dominant part of our lives, it’s refreshing to see younger kids learning new hobbies that doesn’t include a computer. As for teenagers?

All I got from my friends was that you can use the rubber bands to aim for peoples’ heads. I have weird friends. In all honestly, they don’t know why they started to make rainbowlooms. It seems like it’s a new type of friendship bracelet for the younger generation that we just kind of picked up from our younger siblings. At least we’re all getting along, right?

And that’s all folks!

For more information about rainbow looming, check out these sites:
Loom Love: A website dedicated to rainbow looms and helpful tutorials.
TwistzBandz: The Official Rainbow Loom YouTube Channel

Why do you guys love rainbow looms? When did you start getting into the craze?


Hey everyone!*

The Barefaced Dead Sea Mud Mask has been harvested from the black mud of the Dead Sea. Created with natural minerals and nutrients, with a few all organic ingredients to remain fresh for your skin, it tones, tightens, and improves the skin texture. The Dead Sea Mud Mask also exfoliates, unclogs, and purifies pores, helping to rid your skin of blackheads and imperfections! It’s also paraben free!
Mud Mask 1.JPG

The first time I used the mask, I wasn’t too crazy about the smell. When I use mud masks, I almost always don’t like the smell. The Barefaced Dead Sea Mud Mask didn’t have a really overpowering smell like other mud masks which I was so thankful for.

Mud Mask 4.JPG

The product had a gooey consistency and had small chunks inside of it. When applied, it feels cool and leaves a tingly sensation. The small chunks were easy to break down and the mask dried at a relatively face pace. The face mask didn’t feel constricting or felt like it was having cracks when I waited for the 15 minutes suggested to me on the product.

After I washed off the mask, my face felt a little more soft and smooth. My face felt a little bit better than it was before I used the face mask and I really liked how my face felt after using the mud mask.

All in all, I really loved this product. It was easier to apply than my normal mud mask and didn’t have a really overpowering smell.

Links to this product


What do you guys think about this product? Does it look like something you guys would want to try? Leave your comments down below!

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

#100happydays Week 3

Hey guys!
Here is week three of the #100happydays challenge. As always, my blog post here and here for the website. So let’s get started

Week 3 Mon.JPG
Day 14
Week 3 Sun.JPG
Day 13
Week 3 Tues.JPG
Day 15
Week 3 Wed.JPG
Day 16
Week 3 Thurs.JPG
Day 17 

Week 3 Fri.JPG
Day 18
Week 3 Sat.JPG
Day 19 

Day 13
Milk Iced Tea is amazing. My brother’s cool too.

Day 14
Some of my family family members! These two never fail to make me want to smile.
Day 15
Kellin’ Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens is indescribable. He is LIFE.

Day 16
Here’s the business cards that I got from my TMB Subscription. Thought I’d share them to instagram to spread the word.

Day 17
I ship Tom M Riddle X Hermione Granger. They’re just too much for me. Credit goes to the owner of course.

Day 18
I am subscribed to goodreads’ a quote a day in my email. It may feel a little spammy, but for quotes like these? They’re priceless.

Day 19 
Finally! A hint of my Senior portraits. If you guys didn’t know, I’m going into my final year of high school soon! I can’t wait to be done with it.

That’s all for this week!

What do you guys think about my weekly updates? What made you happy this week? Leave a comment below!

Summer Edition 2014: 5 Bag Must Haves

Hey guys!

I don’t know about you, but every time I go out, I always have these essentials inside my chosen purse of the day. You don’t know if something is going to end up happening or if you need to fix your appearance.

5 Bag Must Haves Summer 2014.jpeg

1) eos Lip balm
I don’t go anywhere without my eos Lip balm. It’s my holy grail lip product! It heals my cracked lips and is a great base for other lip products. It also moisturizes without feeling like I’m going to mess it up later. It’s definitely a must have for me in my bag.

2) Compact Mirror
For checking your appearance during random times of the day. Don’t go overboard and look over your entire outfit every single second. Use it for quick touches and making sure you look great before a meeting or date.

3) Oil Blotting Paper
Unless you like the shiny sheen of sweat, it’s not going to look attractive when you’re going out. If you’re feeling the heat, use these sheets to blot away the excess oil. Oil blotting paper is also great for blotting lipstick. I keep this on me even though I don’t sweat a lot to make sure my lipstick is in check.

4) Pen/Pencil
I know what you’re thinking; “Ellie, why would you need a pen/pencil?!” What if you need to jot down a quick note? How about those small bursts of inspiration that hit you in the middle of the day and you can’t find a writing utensil? What if you meet a person interested in working with you and you need to give them your details? Sure, business cards would be nice for that last one, but I’m not sure what to put on a business card. Blogger? Reviewer? Broke student looking for a job? I’ll stick with having a pen/pencil in my bag before I commit myself to business cards.

5) Journal (If it fits)
Come on, you saw that coming. Why have a pencil and not a journal? I love writing in journals since I want to work on my handwriting and it’s easy to sketch something on the pages. There’s something about looking back on pages and pages of ideas and doodles after you’re done with one journal. If a journal doesn’t fit into your bag, you can always get little, colorful flash cards on hand. Journals and flash cards are handy for writing down ideas and numbers from people you’ve just met.

What do you guys carry in your bag? Do you have something unique in your bag? Leave a comment below!