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If you guys want to know more about the 100 happy days challenge, then check out the post here. Basically, it's about finding what makes you happy and posting one picture a day for 100 days in your chosen social media. I'm posting everyday on my Instagram and having a daily roundup on my blog!

Day 1 // I've been writing in my journal everyday since New Year's Day. Writing everyday has really opened my eyes to who I really am and has shown me how far I've come since January. And that pink pencil in the picture? That's THE pencil. That one pencil writers could look for their entire lives and still not find. The pencil that just writes and writes and writes. Where all you have to do is refill it and the magic of your words are just waiting for you to slip out. If anyone finds this pencil: I beg of you! Buy me another! I'm really afraid of losing this one. 

Day 2 // When I came home from tutoring high schoolers in chemistry, I found myself matching with my baby brother. How can that not make me happy?

Day 3 // Manicures are fun, girly, and expresses my creativity. What's not to love?

Day 4 // Hershey Kisses are amazing. I love chocolate. Chocolate is my kryptonite. Well, candy in general is.

Day 5 // My baby brother Noel always makes me happy. Even though he's a dork sometimes, I love him. He is my baby.

There's my first week of the 100 Happy Days Challenge! Follow me on my instagram to check out my personal life and follow me during my challenge!

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