Hey guys!

Here is week 2 of the #100happydays challenge. For more information click here for my blog post here and here for the website

Day 6 // The time I made something that I didn’t burn! It’s a cake in a mug.

Day 6 of 100happydays.JPG

Day 7 // Good hair days are always a day to be happy.

day 7 of 100happydays.JPG

Day 8 // One of the upcoming products that I’m going to be reviewing soon! I love to review items for companies and you guys will be seeing this product review soon!

day 8 of 100happydays.JPG

Day 9 // My July Music Box subscription was amazing! I learned about new bands and I got band merch too! There will be a review coming up about this item also.

day 9 of 100happydays.JPG

Day 10 // The cycle of success that everyone has to keep in mind. Don’t just give up guys! Keep going!

day 10 of 100happydays.JPG

Day 11 // I made my first ever resin pieces! They turned out pretty well, even though there are mistakes in some. But practice makes better!

day 11 of 100happydays.JPG

Day 12 // Look who had a busy week of getting packages and products? My PenGems came in the mail today and I’m in love! A review will be up for these pens also!

day 12 of 100happydays.JPG

That’s it for this week!

Are you guys doing the challenge? What makes you guys happy?

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