#100HappyDays Week 2

Hey guys!

Here is week 2 of the #100happydays challenge. For more information click here for my blog post here and here for the website

Day 6 of 100happydays.JPGDay 6 day 7 of 100happydays.JPGday 8 of 100happydays.JPGday 9 of 100happydays.JPG
day 10 of 100happydays.JPGday 11 of 100happydays.JPG

The time I made something that I didn’t burn! It’s a cake in a mug. Check out the recipe here.

Day 7
Good hair days are always a day to be happy.

Day 8
One of the upcoming products that I’m going to be reviewing soon! I love to review items for companies and you guys will be seeing this product review soon!

Day 9

My July Music Box subscription was amazing! I learned about new bands and I got band merch too! There will be a review coming up about this item also.

Day 10
The cycle of success that everyone has to keep in mind. Don’t just give up guys! Keep going!

Day 11 
day 12 of 100happydays.JPGI made my first ever resin pieces! They turned out pretty well, even though there are mistakes in some. But practice makes better!

Day 12
Look who had a busy week of getting packages and products? My PenGems came in the mail today and I’m in love! A review will be up for these pens also!

That’s it for this week!

Are you guys doing the challenge? What makes you guys happy?

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