#100happydays Week 4

Hey guys!

Week 4 of my 100 happy days challenge contains past personal experiences that may cause some tears. As always, here’s the website and the blog post. Let’s get started!

Week 4 Sun.JPG

Day 20
Listening to music while writing is so relaxing for me. These indie bands are amazing! I got the CDs from the Music Box Subscription and I have a review up if you guys want to check it out. There is also a review up of the PenGem pictured above.

Week 4 Mon.JPG

Day 21
A slightly person post was up this day because of a combination of emotional distress and an anniversary. Please check out the post on instagram.

Week 4 Tues.JPG

Day 22
A few of the people I tutor for chemistry during summer school. They’re pretty cool guys.

Week 4 Wed.JPG

Day 23
Huge shirts are a must have for me. They’re nice, comfy, and can be worn at all day everyday. This one was given to me by my cousins and it’s so cute.

Week 4 Thurs.JPG

Day 24
I love the rainbow loom lanyard that my younger cousin gave me! It’s so adorable and looks really nice with the rest of my key chains.

Week 4 Fri.JPG

Day 25
A filtered selfie showing off the Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Lollipop. It’s a pretty
fuchsia color that I love for the days when I feel like getting more girly.

Week 4 Sat.JPG

Day 26
Weird texts from my favorite people always makes me laugh. Or shiver in disgust.

And that is all for this week! Check out my giveaway if you guys haven't seen it yet! Hope you guys had a wonderful week and don’t forget to smile.

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