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Here’s some quick tips for writing thank you cards. But exactly why should you start writing thank you cards?

Thank you cards are almost a lost art. They show that you’re a thoughtful, sincere person. They help with keeping up to date with others, and helps solidify your relationships. You can practice your writing and getting mail is fun too.

3 Tips for Writing Simple Thank You Cards

1) Make sure you know what you're thanking someone for. It'll be embarrassing for you to mix up presents. The giver will feel unappreciated and may be unwilling to get you something next time

2) Three months is an acceptable time window to send a note. Any later will make they believe that they were an afterthought.

3) Be polite and sincere. If you don't like the gift, fib. Don't tell them that you hate it because then they won't get you anything next time. They didn't have to get you something, but they did. Be nice about it.


Dear ___,

Thank you so much for the pink, stuffed zebra. It looks great with my other stuffed animals. Thank you again!



There's my tips! You don't have to write long thank you cards to show people that you care. Even small thank you cards are appreciated!  

Do you write thank you cards? Have any tips? Leave them in the comment section below!

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  1. Tip : if you want to have some effort, you can try to draw something