Hey guys!

I’m here to show you a simple way to make charms that can be used as earrings, bracelet charms, anklet charms, or whatever project you’re working on.


Head pin or eye pin
Beads of your choosing
Chain nose pliers
Wire looping pliers (optional)
Wire cutter pliers (optional)
Bead mat (optional)

DIY Charm 1 (Redone).jpg

1) Create a design for your charm

DIY Charm 2 (Redone).jpg

2) Put the design onto the head pin starting with the end of the design and ending with the top of the design.

DIY Charm 4.JPG

3) Leave a little space between the beads and the top of the head pin. If you don’t have wire looping pliers, use your hands to bend the head pin into a 90 degree angle. If you have wire looping pliers, you can bend the head pin into a 90 degree angle in a more precise way.

DIY Charm 6 (Redone).jpg

4) Wrap the wire around the space you left on the head pin a few times to create a loop and enclosure around the beads. You can use the chain nose pliers or your hands. If there is left over wire that can’t be wrapped around the head pin anymore, then use wire cutters to trim it off.

DIY Charm 7.JPG

And you're done! You can use these charms for charm bracelets, earrings, or whatever you like! If you do make charms using this tutorial, send me a picture! Just @laceituplove on instagram or twitter.

What do you think about making your own charms?

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