Hey guys!

I came across a problem that many other bloggers are facing. I have another blog that I have been MIA because of school and personal problems. It's a book blog and I've recently been contacted by Feedspot that I have 27 followers on their site and they offered me a free premium account for a year. Like I normally do with emails, I checked out if the site is legit.

It is supposedly, but it steals the contents of the blog. As in, takes the entire blog posts and doesn't link back to my blog. They're taking people's content and putting ads and making money on their content. That's not right. Here's a blog post about what one blogger has been trying to do about it and the results.

I'm concerned about whether or not any of you guys have been contacted by this person. I'm not sure to do in this situation as any direction I would go would cause this blog and the other to be unavailable to you guys. I don't want that. I will be trying to find a way to fix this problem and hopefully get back to you guys about.

What do you think about Feedspot?


  1. Try to use Flowreader from as your feeding channel - it is totally legitimate, does not double your content in its pages.

  2. I was contacted also for my nature blog and am wondering the same thing. Did you ever make a decision about legitimacy?

  3. I was contacted by Feedburner as well. Should I be concerned? Initially, I was excited but I heard about this site stealing information.