Hey everyone!

I've decided to do a monthly favorites blog post! So expect a roundup of my favorite items of the month! This month I have a variety of different items that I've really been loving. Let’s get started!


Rainbow Looms // Okay, I know rainbow looms are more of a crafty item. But you wear them like jewelry, so there. I really love the rainbow loom bracelets my younger cousin sent me. Aren’t they so cute?!

July Favorites Jewelry.JPG


Sanrio Hello Kitty pencil // This is THE pencil for me. It's slim, light, and glides on paper. The one pictured is the third one I have because the first one had gotten lost while the second one got broken. This is the pencil that I would never want to lose. The Sanrio store that sold this pencil closed down which really sent me into a panic. I'm hoping that this pencil doesn't end up like the first two. It's one of those items I'd never want to live without.

PenGems // Okay, these pens are amazing. Need more proof? Here’s my review of the product. Need I say more?

Small Journals // I love carrying small notebooks in my bag. It’s easier for me to write with and I can doodle whenever I want to. It doesn’t look rude if I pull it out to jot down someone’s number or address and I have a physical copy of something in case my phone dies.

July Favorites Stationary.JPG


Simple Night Cream // What I like about this cream is that it's fragrance free and it has a medium thickness to it. It leaves my face moisturized and feeling soft. Although it does take time for it to dry, depending on how much you use, in the morning my face always feels like it's been refreshed and soft.

Physicians Formula Eye Lash Booster // I've been using this eye lash booster for months. I've noticed that my eyelashes have been getting a little more curl and haven't been falling out a lot. It's really helped my small lashes feel a little defined and i love how easy it is to apply along my lash line.
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Creamliner Trio // These eyeliners are stack able and goes on smooth. They’re easy to use and easy to carry around in my bag. The brush is also travel friendly and I can switch up the colors whenever I’m feeling something different.

July Favorites Beauty.JPG


Thrift Stores // Recently I’ve loved going to thrift stores. I usually look through the book aisle because a girl could never have too many books, but I’ve started to venture into the clothing. I found so many great items there like an xhilaration dress for $7 which is about $15 or so at Target. It’s in perfect condition and I fell in love with it. Some other items include a very pretty fairy crop top and an adorable bow purse. Needless to say that thrift stores are my favorite places to shop.

Bandeaus // Bandeaus are so easy to style. You can wear pretty printed ones on their own or throw a tank top or crop top over them. I usually wear them when I’m wearing a muscle tee because they give the shirt a more polished feel.

July Favorites Fashion.JPG
You guys don't understand the pains I went through trying to get a good picture of this!

And that’s all for July! I’ve really been working on finding a balanced style for my personality. I think I’ve gotten pretty far with the type of clothing I’ve started to fall in love with. I can’t wait for you guys to see my new style!

What have you guys been loving this July?

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