Hey guys!

*This is not a sponsored ad and I'm not trying to gloat about winning. This post is all about thanking the person who hosted the giveaway! Since I can't send letters to Canada, this is the next best thing! Besides, her blog is amazing! Just want to help promote other bloggers! :)

Last week I won a giveaway from Danielle Water. She's the owner of theloveoflipstick. She had this amazing nail polish that's only sold in Canada (here's the link to the post where she was having the giveaway) and I just had to participate in it. Who doesn't love exclusive nail polish?! It was a good thing I did because I won her giveaway!

Here's what was inside:

She has the prettiest handwriting! I'm so jealous! She's just so sweet writing a card to include in the package. I love how it's handwritten and not typed. It shows that she really cares about her readers. 

The brand is called coco & lulu. The bottle is chunky and wide. The brush applicator has a velvet feel. The nail polish is a soft hot pink. It's fierce and girly. I haven't tried it out yet, but expect a review in the following weeks on how it holds up to a week of activity.

That's what I won from her giveaway! I totally suggest you guys to check her out because she has the prettiest pictures on her blog and she's really sweet.

What do you guys think of the color? Does it scream summer? What's your go to color when summer's in session?

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  1. The color compliments summer. Yea I think it does. My go to color in summer is either pink, light blue or anything neon colored because summer is about the brightness.