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*This is not a sponsored review. I bought this box subscription with my own money. All opinions are my own.

What is The Music Box subscription? // For $10 a month, you can get a box filled with band merch.  It’s a great way to find new bands to love and fangirl over! You can tell them what kind of genres you like and don’t like, so you don’t get them in your box. They have a 1 month subscription for $10 and a 3 month subscription for $30! They also have free shipping! I'm not sure if it's available internationally, so check out the website here for more details! They also have a twittertumblr, and facebook.

Why should I get it? // Why not? Finding new bands to love and fangirl over?! WHAT’S NOT TO LOOOOVVVEEE?! And it's only $10 too! But seriously guys! These bands are trying to get the word out about their music. It's already hard enough to break out in the music industry. This box is a great way to connect with the bands because I know that some of them definitely take the time to reply back to you on twitter!

Here’s the contents of my July box:

The Music Box Subscription July.JPG

Some people get more merch than others since bands give out only a limited amount of merch or they have different musical tastes which of course, means different stuff.

Three coupon cards for 10% off were included which made so happy! I recently used one to get 10% off my 3 month subscription.


There was no brand or band name printed on them, so I guess this compensates the people who didn’t get a shirt. *cough cough ME cough cough*

The Music Box Subscription July Biz Cards.JPG


The music is my natural high sticker is from Natural High. A site that promotes teens and children to do what they love and live a drug free life.

ItMusic is a music community where artists can upload songs and fans can listen for free! Artists can sell their music and at the same time make meaningful connections with their fans. Check it out! Here’s my account so you can guys check out what music I like.

Genre:Electrifying Grit, Soul and Rock and Roll
Download 3 free songs from here!

Genre: Metal

Rivers Monroe
Genre: Rock, Pop/Punk

Genre: Hard Rock

The Coast is Ours
Genre: Pop-Punk

The Music Box Subscription July CDs.JPG


Southerland Nights
Genre: Rock

Genre: Punk Rock

All Rights Reserved (I also got a wristband, but I heard that other people got shirts)
Genre: N/A

I’ve listened to most of these bands, and I’m in love. I’m definitely going to fangirl over them for the rest of the month. Check them out, even if you don’t like the genre of music because you never know if you’ll like some of them if you don’t listen to them.

What do you guys think of The Music Box subscription? Are you guys going to buy one? Want me to review and talk about a certain band that I got in this box? Then comment below and I'll see what I can do!

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