Hey guys!

I recently went to Kmart for the first time! The store is usually a little too far for my family to want to go to, but my dad wanted to check out the store. The store was really bright and organized which I really like. It’s a lot more easier to navigate around than my nearby WalMart. Although the prices are a little bit higher, I still liked the vibe coming from the store. I did get stared at though. I think it was my bunny wire headband. I adore the look, and I have about ten of them.

 Anyway, I had gotten about five new makeup related products. Here’s an overview:

e.l.f. Dual Sharpener I needed a pencil sharpener for my eyeliners since I don’t have one specifically for makeup. This one was inexpensive and had an extra one that I can put into a travel makeup bag.

e.l.f. Eyelid Primer in Sheer I have a sample size of this primer and I really like it. It’s easy to apply and makes it easier for me to use when doing a natural look. I decided against buying the pearl shade because I don’t usually use bright eyeshadow.

Wet N Wild Mega Volume in Very Black I love mascara. I was trying to look for the new L’oreal Miss Manga mascara, but Kmart didn’t seem to have it. I decided to get this mascara because it was cheap and I liked the way it looked.

Jordana Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Fix This is a liquid eyeliner pencil. Does anyone else find the concept of a liquid eyeliner being a pencil eyeliner mysterious and triggers a need to know if it works? Well, I do. I got it in purple fix because I love the look of purple with brown eyes. It really makes the uniqueness of a person’s eyes stand out.

Jordana Sweet N Smooth in Yummy Strawberry Does this product remind anyone else of Baby Lips? This item is very small and compact. I didn’t know that Jordana had a new product line out and was excited to see if it would compare to Baby Lips. Since the packaging makes one assume that it’s trying to infer that it’s a cheaper alternative to Baby Lips, I’m willing to try it out.


I also went to FoodMax and found this little gem. Lipton White Tea in blueberry pomegranate. I never tried white tea before and I decided what the heck! Might as well do it now! I got blueberry pomegranate because I felt like it would have a slightly more bitter taste which I prefer with my teas. I’ll let you guys know what I think about it later! And that is all for this haul!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Monday! See you next time!

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