Stationery Review: PenGems

Hey guys!

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I had recently gotten chosen to write a review for PenGems! The package came pretty quickly! Here’s what was inside the package:

Links to the pens I choose:

The Story Behind PenGems

PeGems was created by Angela McMichael, who served 12 years in the US Air Force. Now she’s an army wife! After years of proudly wearing the uniform, she decided that her life needed more sparkle. 

Bringing sparkle to someone’s face is the core of PenGems. They do whatever they can to give customers an excellent customer service experience because happy customers are the core of their business! PenGems started as an ebay business and has grow into the store it is today! Here’s the eBay store and feedback here!

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PenGems costs $9.98, which may seem expensive, but the quality of the pens is amazing.  The pens are available in 21 pretty gemstone colors and have more than 120 Swarovski Elements Crystals inside of them. That’s a lot of sparkle! They’re twist open pens which I really like. They’re the easiest to open for me and they don't accidently open when I start to play with them while tutoring students.

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PenGems are perfect for gift bags and color-themed events, like weddings and baby showers!

Signature PenGems have matching rhinestone centered caps while Stylus PenGems have a stylus silicon tip for touchscreens. The pens have standard black ink, but you can buy refills from the site in blue, pink, and purple in either Standard or Premium qualities. To see how to replace the cartridge, check here.

The pens are point size 0.7mm which I love because I like my letters a little thick. They’re 5 5/8" long and 3/8" wide and weigh ½ ounces. Perfect to slip into a purse or backpack. They also have a point clip, great for bringing them on the go if you don’t carry a bag! You can also customize a logo on the barrel or engrave the pen clip!
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I compared the pens to my favorite ones. You can see in the pictures the differences between my favorite ones and the PenGems.

Not filtered at all. You can see that the PenGems are much easier to see and the ink doesn't take a long time to get out of the pen!

PenGems write smoothly and are easy to hold. One of the best parts of PenGems? They don’t smudge! I decided to put one of my pens to the test and here’s the results:

I don't know if you guys can see it, but when I wrote with the blue pen I ended up smudging some of the words. With my new PenGems, the ink dried quickly and didn't smear.

The Stylus PenGem works really well with my touchscreen devices. With my iPod, I can just use my stylus to easily enter in my pass code and switch app when I use my assisted touch button since I broke my home button. It’s relatively easy to use on my laptop, but I have to press down a little harder since my laptop isn't as sensitive as my iPod.

Another amazing part of PenGems is that they ship in the US for free. They also sell internationally with a low flat-rate shipping. Orders are mostly shipped within one day with tracking uploaded also.

Don’t you hate it when sites don’t accept a certain payment method? Well, PenGems accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover and PayPal. So if you want one of these babies, then what are you waiting for?!

These pens are amazing. They are so smooth and easy to write with. They don’t smudge and the site guarantees a refund or exchange if you don’t love your pen! I recommend you guys to check out the shop since the owner is also such a sweetheart. She’s very easy to talk to and I’m sure you guys will love her!

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*I had gotten products to review from PenGems. Although I had gotten them for free, all opinions are my own.


  1. can you put any refill you buy at a store like lets say staples into your pen gem or does it only work with their refills?

    1. I believe that these pens can be refilled with other cartridges as long as they can fit inside the barrel. You can check their website to see what types of refills these pens can hold here: