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I don’t know about you, but every time I go out, I always have these essentials inside my chosen purse of the day. You don’t know if something is going to end up happening or if you need to fix your appearance.

5 Bag Must Haves Summer 2014.jpeg

1) eos Lip balm // I don’t go anywhere without my eos Lip balm. It’s my holy grail lip product! It heals my cracked lips and is a great base for other lip products. It also moisturizes without feeling like I’m going to mess it up later. It’s definitely a must have for me in my bag.

2) Compact Mirror // For checking your appearance during random times of the day. Don’t go overboard and look over your entire outfit every single second. Use it for quick touches and making sure you look great before a meeting or date.

3) Oil Blotting Paper // Unless you like the shiny sheen of sweat, it’s not going to look attractive when you’re going out. If you’re feeling the heat, use these sheets to blot away the excess oil. Oil blotting paper is also great for blotting lipstick. I keep this on me even though I don’t sweat a lot to make sure my lipstick is in check.

4) Pen/Pencil // I know what you’re thinking; “Ellie, why would you need a pen/pencil?!” What if you need to jot down a quick note? How about those small bursts of inspiration that hit you in the middle of the day and you can’t find a writing utensil? What if you meet a person interested in working with you and you need to give them your details? Sure, business cards would be nice for that last one, but I’m not sure what to put on a business card. Blogger? Reviewer? Broke student looking for a job? I’ll stick with having a pen/pencil in my bag before I commit myself to business cards.

5) Journal (If it fits) // Come on, you saw that coming. Why have a pencil and not a journal? I love writing in journals since I want to work on my handwriting and it’s easy to sketch something on the pages. There’s something about looking back on pages and pages of ideas and doodles after you’re done with one journal. If a journal doesn’t fit into your bag, you can always get little, colorful flash cards on hand. Journals and flash cards are handy for writing down ideas and numbers from people you’ve just met.

What do you guys carry in your bag? Do you have something unique in your bag? Leave a comment below!

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