#100happydays Week 5

Hey guys!

I realized that I posted day 26 on my last post, but not on instagram. Oops. I have corrected that mistake by just posting twice on August 1. I will link the post and website later, as right now, I can’t access the rest of my blog for some reason.

Week 5 Sun.JPG

Day 27
I love bunny headbands! They show a lot of character!

Week 5 Mon.JPG

Day 28
This band is the bomb <3

Week 5 Tues.JPG
Day 29
I got my District Lines merchandise! I love what I got, even though one of the Sleeping With Sirens shirt is a little too big on me.

Week 5 Wed.JPG

Day 30
Writing in pretty journals is so fun!
Week 5 Thurs.JPG
Day 31 
I like my junk food, what can I say?

Day 32
This book is great for helping people with their writing. I’m using it to make my writing stronger. Even though I still have some Advanced Placement summer homework to do. Oops.
Week 5 Sat.JPG

Day 33
This quote inspires me to write and write and write. Even when I don’t feel like writing.

That's all for this week! What did you guys find that made you happy this week?

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  1. Hi Ellie! I absolutely love your blog. It's super cute and entertaining (:
    It would be awesome if you could check out mine, too!