#100happydays Week 6

Hey guys!

This week has been full of technological findings. As in, I’ve downloaded a lot of apps that I’ve fallen in love with. These are just a few apps that I’ve been loving. So let’s go!

Week 6 Sun.JPG

Day 34
Esther Day is a great day to tell family, friends, and other people that you love them! Here’s the site where you can learn more about this day! I think it’s a great excuse to spread more love and kindness in the world

Week 6 Mon.JPG

Day 35
Oovoo is a great alternative to video chatting or facetiming. I usually use it to chat with my little cousin.

Week  6 Tues.JPG

Day 36
Speaking of my little cousin. Here she is with my other relative. She’s the one with the red shirt. The tiny baby is her brother’s daughter, so I’m not sure what to call her. My niece? I don’t know.

Week 6 Wed.JPG

Day 37
They’re also my lockscreen. It’s hilarious to just turn on my iPod and see their faces smiling at me.

Week 6 THurs.JPG
Day 38
I love Adventure Time. Especially the alternate universal involving Fiona and Marshall Lee. I ship these two so bad. I’ll link the original artist here .

Week 6 Fri.JPG
Day 39
The Werdsmith app is really great for people who want to write more. I use it to get to a word count each day and this app is very easy to use. I definitely recommend using this for those who are making writing projects.

Week 6 Sat.JPG

Day 40
The Timeful app is a productivity app. You can schedule events, to dos, and habits! I just got it and I really like it so far. It’s easy to check things off and rearrange everything.

That’s it for this week!

What have you found that’s been putting a smile on your face?

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