5 Tips For Room Organization

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Keeping your room neat and organize can be a chore. Here are my tips that I've learned over the years that has helped me tamed the beast that is my room.

5 Tips For Room Organization

Hooks are fun
Using hooks to hold jewelry or clothes is great for keeping your items from getting lost in your drawers. You can get different patterned ones from Daiso which is like a dollar store filled with Asian products ranging from beauty to food. Well, more like a $1.50, but you get the point. You can also try to find pretty hooks from local stores.

Clear Storage Products
It's easier to see everything if you use clear boxes. It'll be easier to know if you have something or not by just a quick glance.

Hide stuff in plain sight.
Hallowed books are fun. Not actual books, but the ones that are made for them. Or you can use tiny figurine boxes to store tiny items. Those are great for organization and decor.

Vertically storing items
Vertically storing is the key. You can have more floor space if you stack things especially if you have a small apartment or space. As long as you can reach your items, vertically storing your stuff is a great idea.

Go through your stuff on a regular basis.
Doesn't have to be daily or weekly. Whatever works for you. Going through your stuff annually is great for knowing what you have or don’t have. You can also throw away or donate items that don’t fit your style or lifestyle anymore.

Have any tips for organization? Leave them down below!

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