Hey everyone!

I love Ross stores! They're brightly lit, have a ton of different items, and is cheap compared to big store prices. Although the store can get messy, I think it depends on which Ross you go to. Some stores are more messy while others are neat and organized. Some customers just don't care about the way they treat a store. Anyway, let's get on with this quick haul.

Small Ross Haul 8.5.14.JPG

"No Money, No Problem" Shirt // I have this weakness for muscle tees. Or whatever they're called. They're not really tank tops, but still not a shirt. I'm in love with them. They're so easy to style.

Instinct Hair Ties // I saw these from one of my favorite youtubers. They remind me of old telephone wires and I really like the colors. These hair ties look really cool when you wear them like a bracelet and use them as a hair tie.

Water Bottle with Baby Filter // I saw this at Ross and I fell in love with it. It's a 24oz water bottle with a little baby filter on the bottom. It's detachable and easy to take off. I see a lot of youtubers who have these kind of water bottles, and I've been dying to get my hands on a similar one. It's perfect for me since I don't really like drinking water.

Ear Buds // These are just simple earbuds that I use for listening to music and making sure I have something to occupy myself with when school comes around. I like to have these plugged into my iPod when it's turned off in case I accidentally turn it on during class.

That's it for this haul! I think I may have a slight addiction to shopping. What have you guys been up to? Leave your comments down below!

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