5 Tips To Being More Social

Hey guys! 

School has kept me a little busier than expected, which is why this post is late. Don't worry though because I will be trying to post these more frequently. Anyway, here are my tips to becoming more social. 

5 Tips to Becoming More Social 

Social Media 
Getting a twitter or instagram can help with making friends by connecting you to like-minded people. Twitter is great to quickly tweet people and learn more about topics by following people and participating in twitter chats. Instagram is good to tell stories though pictures and to find inspiration.

Go out more
Obviously seeing the great outdoors and being in crowds of people can help you get out of your shell. It won't be easy for some people, but if you go out with your friends or family, it'll be a little more easier to handle. Don't forget to Smile. everyone always looks so sad/mad. People should smile when they walk.

Be loud and proud
Don’t be afraid to speak out. People have the right to speech as long as it doesn’t infringe on anothers’ rights. Yes, I'm sprouting some patriotical stuff, but some people forget that they have the right to freedom of speech. Remember though, freedoms of speech is different from being mean. 

Be kind
You’ll make a lot more friends if you’re nice to people. They’ll be more inclined to get to know you and if someone is beig rude to you or spreading rumors about you, people won't believe in it so easily. 

Be you 
Even if you’re weird, at least you're staying true to yourself. Don't try to pretend that you're someone you're not. It'll only cause people to dislike you and it won't help you figure yourself out in the future. You just need to relax and be you. Everything will fall into place if you do. 

That's it for my tips! Have something to add? Comment down below! 

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