5 Tips to Being Prepared for the School Year

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I know that school has started already for most people, but I still find it prudent to tell you guys what I think are important back to school tips. These are only a few tips I’ve learned throughout the years and you guys can easily build upon what you can learn from here. Here’s my tips for an amazing school year. 

5 Tips to Being Prepared for the School Year 

Keep extra items
We all know that one friend who isn’t prepared for anything. The person who always “borrows” something from you and you’ll never see it again. Do yourself a favor and keep extra items in your bag especially pencils. Pencils always seem to disappear the fastest.

Bring bag of emergency supplies
This is totally different from keep extra items. This bag should be filled with band aids, invisible tape, and girly essentials(AKA tampons or pads). It’ll help you in the long run when you find a random cut on your leg or you can feel mother nature decided to visit a little early. This bag should also be filled with hair ties or any other item that you feel would help you in the long run. You don’t have to have this bag of supplies in your school bag, but make sure you know where it is in case of emergency.

Prepare things in advance
Choose your outfit the night before school to save time in the morning for doing more productive things. Make snacks at night too if you’re like me and have to snack during the school day. There’s always that one cool teacher who doesn’t care if you eat in their classroom as long as you don’t make a mess. Try to sleep earlier so you don’t get tired also.

Name tags on all important items
My school has given most students a chromebook to borrow through their high school career. I’m a senior already, so I don’t really need one, but if you do have some kind of electronic you use for school, put a name tag on it. Especially if it’s something that you or your parents bought you. Name tags are your friends. You don’t want to be that one person who has to pay $200-$300 on a borrowed chromebook.

School is suppose to teach you the basics of working hard. It’s not about learning everything, but the experiencing everything to help build a healthy foundation for your life. So smile. School will be the easiest thing you will do in your life. Enjoy it.

These are my tips for having an amazing school year. Have something to share? Leave a comment down below? 

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