Hey everyone!

Here is a weekly roundup of what I've done this week. 

We've been going over poetry by Jack Gilbert in AP English Lit and let me tell you, I have been way too excited. My energy in that class is at it's peak which is so weird. I'm usually out of it when it's after lunch, but since this year I'm with most of my friends in my later classes, I guess I steal their energy when lunch comes around. I promise I'm not a vampire. 

In Honors Precalculas, we're suppose to do Khanacademy. Khanacademy is a website where you learn about subject by watching videos and answering questions in little quizzes that the site gives you after learning a little bit of each section. It's a very tedious affair. I haven't done most of the videos I'm suppose to do which sucks. It's about 20% of my grade. I should be doing that right now. Oops. 

I have Forensic Investigation as a science class this year and this week we got our first crime scene. It was kind of a disaster. My group didn't find any kind of evidence that would be if help in our baby crime on the first few days. Only in the last few days we were able to find something. It was good enough for me. 

I've been writing each day since January 1st. I am so proud of myself. I'm thinking of doing for the rest of my life which means I might end up with stacks of journals, but I don't care. I want to leave something behind to help my future kids understand me more. It'll be fun to watch them read about what I've been through and help them along life. 

I have not read an actual book in a long time. I wanted to read The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, but school has been piling on the work since I'm a senior. How fun. Hopefully next week, I can start it a little bit. 

I think I have a problem guys. I'm a shopaholic. Well, maybe I am. I've been shopping a lot more lately and I'm not sure if it's a good or a bad thing. I am working hard at keep my twitchy hands from grabbing something each time I go somewhere with my family. It doesn't help that my dad is actually willing to buy me items each time we leave the house. 

Wait, you think as you reread that sentence. You don't have a job?! Nope. I don't have a job. I'm not allowed to have a job until I'm 18 years old. Yeah. My dad can't let me out of the house, let alone let me go have a job where I would be gone for a uncertain amount of time. I'm the oldest and the only girl among my siblings. Do you see the overprotectivness? I do. 

Did I say this would be a #100happydays weekly post? Yeah, that's a lot of pictures. I couldn't even edit the pictures, so having to add a watermark to half of them was such a tedious job. Then having to upload them to my computer? Yeah. I couldn't do that. Sorry. If you guys want to really see what I've been posting, just follow my Instagram. It's @laceituplove. Yes, creative I know. 

I have slightly gotten in the hang of writing a post or at least a half a post each day. I'm getting there though. Let's hope I can get the hang of it soon or I might forget about my little blog. I wouldn't want that to happen. 

That's all for this week! This has turned into a slightly long post with no pictures. I'll remedy that after I post this. I actually don't have a picture for this post because this is just a ramble of what I've done. Come back later and maybe you'll find something cool. Maybe. 

Thanks for reading! Did you guys have a busy week like me? What have you been up to? 

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