Hey guys! 

Happy Saturday! Here's a rundown of what I've been up to this week. As I write this post, I'm currently in the van, trying hard not to up chuck. I'm painting such a pretty portrait huh? Moral of the story: bring tummy medicine and don't eat a lot when you go out. You'll end up like me. Anyway, here's what I've been up to...

Math is a disaster. It's only been about a month, and I am not doing so well. My teacher's teaching style is not compatible with my learning style. This is bad. Very bad. However, I am trying to work through it and trying to work on actually wanting to do my homework instead of reading blogs and other time consuming things. 

On a brighter note, my English teacher complimented me and my friend about it expressive face gestures that help him know if he's doing a good job in class teaching or not. He's a very sweet man. 

I've come to love writing everyday, but at the same time, I never really know what to write about. Journaling since the beginning of the year has been a good experience for me, but now I'm feeling the urge to do more. 

Which means I am currently searching for a new hobby or talent. I want to do something more hands on like knitting or crochet. Maybe try my hand at drawing or something. I don't know, but the sky is the limit. 

I have decided to post at least 2-3 times a week. I'm not sure of the exact dates, but expect a post at the beginning, middle, and end of the week. 

That's all for this week! What hobby do you think I should start? How has your week been? 

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  1. Hi Ellie!
    I've just discovered your blog and I really like how 'real' you are, I love posts like this which basically remind us bloggers that we are people to!
    I've just started up in the blogging world and really want to connect with people who share the same interests as me. It would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog.
    I look forward to reading more from you!
    Jessica xo