Music Review: August Music Box Subscription

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Last month I totally forgot to do my review of the August Music Box. School can be so tedious sometimes. However, here is my review for the August Music Box and later this month I will post the one for the September box. If you follow me on Instagram or twitter, then you know that I have already shown you a few items that I got in both boxes. Go check that out later if y'all want. Here's the review of the August Music Box.

Let's recap from July...

For $10 a month, you can get a box filled with band merch.  It’s a great way to find new bands to love and fangirl over! You can tell them what kind of genres you like and don’t like, so you don’t get them in your box. They have a 1 month subscription for $10 and a 3 month subscription for $30! They also have free shipping! I'm not sure if it's available internationally, so check out the website here for more details! They also have a twittertumblr, and facebook.

Why should I get it?

Why not? Finding new bands to love and fangirl over?! WHAT’S NOT TO LOOOOVVVEEE?! And it's only $10 too! But seriously guys! These bands are trying to get the word out about their music. It's already hard enough to break out in the music industry. This box is a great way to connect with the bands because I know that some of them definitely take the time to reply back to you on twitter!

Surprise Item

Plastic Water Gun

Business Cards

When We Met

Dylan Jakobsen

Nobody Yet


Nobody Yet




Noted by Silent-Not really sure which is the band name.

If Not For Dreaming


I really enjoyed this box. The plastic water fun really made me laugh. I love it, but I will be giving it to my younger brothers who will definitely put it to good use. My love of business cards has grown since I've subscribed to The Music Box and I'm so happy that the business cards also have free download codes. They were definitely put to good use.

Stickers are a weakness of mine. I'm very happy with the two that I got because they match the CDs that came in my box.

The CDs are on point. I love the new bands that I got because they're really amazing. I couldn't wait for my September box.

All in all, I loved the August Music Box. Althought it didn't have as much items as the last box, I'm still in love with it. It came about 2-3 days after they announced they were sending it out. Nothing was damaged and I'm very happy with the overall music choices.

Check out the July Music Box review here.

*This post is not sponsored at all. I bought this subscription with my own money and these are all my honest opinions.

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