Tights & Leggings Obsession

Hey guys!

Since fall is here and winter isn't too far away, I've recently been obsessed with tights and leggings. I've never actually worn leggings outside of my house, but I have promised myself that I would step outside my comfort zone in terms of fashion and style. I've wanted to experiment with my outfits for a long time and this year, is the year.

Leggings and tights are always good for fall/winter. They give a more polished feel to an outfit and make it a little more girly for those who want to step out their comfort zone. There's a lot of different styles and colors for everyone so don't be shy in wearing them! 

Here's how I style them:

Outfit 1
Oversized Sweater
Tank top 
Lace tights 

Outfit 2
Slouchy sweater
Highwaisted shorts 
Sheer tights 

Outfit 3 
Tank top 
Knitted sweater 
Skater skirt 
Lace tights 

Outfit 4 
Oversized shirt 
Slim belt

Outfit 5
Large shirt 
Infinity scarf 
High waisted shorts 
Sheer tights 

My new favorite brand of tights is Hue*. Although they are expensive, they're great quality and they have a lot of different colors and styles. I found most of my leggings from Macy's* where they were on sale. Score! Pictures will be up later since I am currently studying for two tests that are tomorrow. School life, right guys? 

Thanks for reading! How do you guys style tights/leggings? 

*I am not being sponsored. This is my honest opinion. 

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