Fall/Winter 2014 Essentials Part 1

Hey guys!

There's a lot of posts from other bloggers who also have a list of fall/winter essentials. Since everyone has different preferences, I might as well add my own right? This is for all the other on the go girls who like being comfy and showing off their unique looks. 


Dark or Nude lip colors
Winter is a great time to wear a more darker lip or go nude. It's easy to change up your look with just a swipe of lipstick, so this is an essential for me. 

Simple makeup looks
Longer nights and shorter days means that I can't always spend a lot of time on my makeup. I usually just do a swipe of mascara and a lipstick then out the door I go. If I'm feeling a little more outgoing, I put on a bit of eyeliner to make my eyes pop.


Darker colors 
Dark colors look really nice in winter in general, so of course I'm going to match my nails to my lipstick. Or at least, to my mood. 

Make your nails shine during winter! It's such a nice way to add a little sparkle to your life. 


So simple. So chic. Perfect for the lazy days of winter. 

No heat curls 
Of course, no heat curls are perfect for giving your hair a break from the heat of hair tools. Just braid your hair at night and ta-da! In the morning, you'll have some amazing waves. 

That's it for today! Part 2 wil be coming up later this week! Maybe there will be a part 3 if I find myself adding a bit more sections like stationary, ect. 

How do you do your hair, makeup, and nails for fall/winter? What do you think is essential for this season? Leave your comments below! 

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