Fall/Winter Bag Essentials 2014

Hey guys!

I love bags so much. They're such a pretty accessory to any outfit and they hold all the important items I need for the day! Here's what I have in my bag during fall/winter....

EOS lip balm
Mint is my favorite because of the scent and how it leaves a nice tingling feeling. 

Cold air is not good for my skin. I usually have a lotion with SPF because...well, I just want to make sure I don't get skin cancer. 

Small Flashcards
Yes. I carry Flashcards. But they're pretty Flashcards. From blue to pink to orange. I like to have some kind of paper on my person in case I need to jot down a number or idea.

For joting down notes of course! I especially love my PenGem pen. It's so sturdy and I don't have to go buy a whole new pen. Just need to replace the cartridge and off I go again!

Headache Medicine
In case you meet some people who give you headaches, you know you have some. Just kidding! I usually have a few on hand because I hate getting headaches in the middle of the day. 

If my bag is big enough, I like to carry my chargers. I'm not sure why, but it gives me a sense of security for my devices. 

Some kind of clothing item
Again, if I have a medium sized bag with me, I like to have extra clothing like a jacket or tights. When the cold hits hard and I'm not prepared, I usually get sick. That is not happening this year. 

There's all the items that are staples in my bag in fall/winter! What do you guys have in your bag this season? 


  1. I'm so boring, lol: contact lens eyedrops and lip balm. :-P

    I like EOS lip balm, too! I like how the product itself is so large that I can apply it to both lips at the same time.


  2. Love EOS! I also take handcream everywhere with me! I hate having dry hands in the winter.
    I would really appreciate if you could check out my blog
    Love, Jessica