Fall/Winter Essentials 2014 Part 2

Hey guys!

Here's part 2 of what my winter essentials. Remember that these are what I need to help me through these cold nights. Don't forget to share with me what you guys like to have during winter in the comments!


I practically live in Converse shoes. They're a staple in my wardrobe and I'm so lucky that I have a few pairs. They match with practically anything. 


Dainty Necklaces 
I'm not much of statement necklace kind of gal. I prefer simple necklaces that help inhance my youngness. That's a word right? Haha! They're so easy to layer and there's so many ways you can make your own necklace. Hopefully I can get a DIY post about them up once I get my hands on some more chain metal. 


Long Sleeved Items 
Whether it be a shirt or a jacket, anything long sleeved is the way to go during winter. It'll help prevent you from getting a chill and they're always comfy when it rains. 

Oversized Shirts 
I love these kinds of shirts. They're also a staple in my closet, but I can never find ones with designs I like. Which is why I raid my dad and brother's closets for their shirts. My dad has a lot of shirts he doesn't wear and somehow, some of my clothes ends up in one of my brothers' drawers. I don't know why. Anyway, oversized shirts are good for layering, comfort, and look good on anyone.

Skinny Jeans 
Skinny jeans are a must for me. They're easy to style and they flatter my legs. They also give the illusion of me being taller if I wore them with a slouchy top. They're amazing. 

I have a post about my obsession with leggings/tights. I just recently started to buy them in more colors and designs with the intent to actually wear them outside. I don't like having those awkward panty lines, so I'm still looking for seamless panties or maybe I'll start wearing thongs. Whichever I decide to do first. I pair them with an oversized shirt most of the time becaus they are not pants. They won't cover everything. You may get a camel toe guys. Prepare for it. 

Knee High Socks
I'm trying to get comfortable wearing skirts to social events, so knee high socks are a must this season. My legs are almost always the coldest part of my body during winter, so pretty knee high socks are starting to creep into my sock drawer. Hopefully the dryer doesn't eat them and I have to wear mismatched pairs. 

Wow! That's a lot compared to my part 1 post! But when it comes to clothes, it's always better to have a few items to mix and match in your closet. Fall/Winter is the time to experiment on a more winter goddess kind of look with innocent styles and dark seductive looks. So have fun with this season! Step out of your comfort zone! Do something crazy in winter! But don't go too overboard with it. It might just backfire on you. 

Thanks for reading guys! What do you guys like to wear during fall/winter? 

*Not a sponsored post. Everything is my own opinion and I'm making no profit/compensation from it. 

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