Hey guys!

This week was pretty boring actually, but maybe I'm just too tired to think about the whole week? Haha! Anyway let's have a recap...

For those of you who don't know, I am addicted to Twitter. There, I said it. I usually participate in tweeting sprees when new episodes of my favorite shows are on. I can type at a pretty face rate, which may annoy some people. My little cousins tried to make me stop tweeting, but if I have to deal with her Mota/YouTube/5SOS spams, she has to deal with mine. 

My #100happydays posts on Instagram are coming to a close. In a few days, I'll be done and then I have no idea what to do. Maybe I should make up my own Instagram challenge? 

Boring. And boring and boring. Nothing interesting except that one of my "friends" will be changing her schedule after first semester and will end up in the same lunch as me and our other friends. There goes our quiet lunch time. She's too loud for her own good. 

I have a few ideas on what to post for the next few weeks. Be ready for some random stuff and pictures! Lots of pictures! I can finally post pictures! 

I will also be tweaking my blog a bit, so if it looks a little wacky, sorry about that. I want to make sure everything is the same size, color scheme looks nice, etc. 

That's it for this week! Kind of boring, but hey! Who needs excitement every week? How has your guys' week been? 

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