Life Happens #6

Hey guys!

This week has been a lot better than last week. So here's a rundown...

My school has four quarters where two quarters equal one semester. The semester grades are the important ones that college see, but the quarter grades do help in realizing how you're doing in school. I know I've mostly gotten A's in the first quarter, but my math grade is terrible. It's not easy getting an A when the test grades are 70% of my grade. I've been working on math for most of my study time, so hopefully by January I'll get a nice B+ at least. 

I have a therapist. Yes. A therapist. Maybe I'll expand on that in another post if you guys are interested? 

Besides getting a therapist, I've been figuring out a way to get more storage space in my room. I need a few more hangers for my clothes and I would really like one of the seas that double as a storage unit. I could clear out a few places with it and finally use my desk in my room. There's a lot of clutter on it since I don't know where to put things.

As you guys know, I've started to cement a proper posting schedule. Now I need to start a writing schedule. Add that to my homework schedule, and you've got a recipe for diseaster. Let's see what happens.

I almost forgot! I realized a few of you guys have comment on my posts, but I haven't been able to reply. I've been a bit busy and haven't been able to properly read them! Hopefully I can reply back tomorrow since I'll be done with my essay by tomorrow morning. School is a bit more important to me. 

That's all for this week! How have you guys been? What's going on with your lives? 


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  2. I was awful in math, too, which caused me to shy away from college majors that required a lot of math, but would have brought me more success in "real life." With that said, here's a bit of unsolicited advice that I wish somebody had given me: just because a college major is math-intensive, it doesn't necessarily mean that the job itself will require much math, or that it'll be unbearable. Besides, if you're bad at math, there are good tutors available (I should have taken advantage of this). Instead, I chose the easy route and took a major that I could do, but not so realistic or practical in my life. :o)

    My week has been okay; I'm going to a pumpkin patch and a Halloween carnival tonight. Really, really excited about that!