Life Happens #7

Hey guys!

This week went by pretty quickly. Here's what had happened...

I did pretty good at my math test. Of course, I did get a few problems wrong, but I understood the majority of the content. 

We had an earthquake drill on Thursday. Standing around on the baseball field where there was a lot of goose poop was not fun. 

I have been sleeping earlier lately. I've been really good at making sure I have enough sleep most of the time, but some days I pull all nighters. At least it's not every night right? 

I am in like. Yes, I am telling you all that I have a crush on someone. I just can't hold it in! Hahaha! He's very intimidating though because he's on the debate team on my school. He gives off an intense vibe and it just pulls me in. Plus he's cute. XD 

Besides that, I have been trying to curb my spending habits. It's getting out of hand. I've been shopping a lot and it's not good for my closet and my dad's wallet. I don't have a job because well, I am not allowed one. Sucks right? 

Anyway, I have been cleaning up my room so I would have more room to study and be me. Well, as much as I can when I share a room with my grandma and with my younger brothers always intruding. Family, what can you do?

We didn't go trick or treating this year because of the rain. I was pretty bummed out about it, but I got to nap for a little while. And all the trick or treater candy is now mine. As long as my brothers don't find them. ;) 

That's it for this week! Pretty boring as always, but hey! At least Halloween items go on sale now! Lots of decor I can add to my room soon!

What have you guys been up to? 

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