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Hey guys!

There's a Styles For Less store nearby the place I usually get my books and I had finally convinced my dad to take me there. I really liked the overall look of the store, but I found that the layout seems to go from a gradual hipster grunge clothing to girly boho as you walk deeper into the store. 

I also found it a bit odd how they charge their membership for $5 for one year. So I guess you have to keep buying a new one each time it expires, which is kind of he for me. I don't really mind, because I know I like to shop a lot and I really like what I got. Besides, you can always give your little card to someone or have them use your number for it. 

They were having a sale on their summer clothes and I scoped up a few items as well as some more fall/winter apparel. So let's check it out...

Strapless bra/Banadues 
I definitely need more of these for those days where I only want to wear an oversized sweater with jeans or leggings.

Cropped blue shirt
This shirt only covers my boobs and is definitely only for summer. Maybe it'll look good layered, but it's too short to be worn as is right now. And yes, this is an excuse to get more into shape. I am a couch potatoe. I need a reminder to be more healthy sometimes. 

Cropped floral shirt
I really like this crop top. It covers most of my tummy while still looking like a crop top. The lace details look adorable with the floral print also.

I wanted something for those days where I just throw on some tights and shorts and walk out the door. With a shirt of course. I found these shorts on the sales rack and decided why not. They're really comfy even though it is a little big, but they're drawstring shorts and I can tighten them if I want to. 

They were having a buy one get one 50% off sale, so I bought a few pairs of earrings. Who doesn't need more jewelry? 

I wanted something that contrasted with my hair and I really like how the color gold stands out. It also looks great with my skin tone. This headband has a floral pattern that looks like a rose. It fits really nicely on my small head.

Black lace bow 
I love this now because it's huge and has an alligator clip. It's not one of those flimsy small ones, but it's huge and really grips my hair tight.

Nail polish
I got three because of the 3 for $5 sale. A nice burgundy color that reminds me of fall,  a dark purple, and a nice dark minty color. I'm not sure of the quality, but I'm willing to try it for the price. 

That's it for this haul! I had a fun time trying to find items that fit my wardrobe and I think I did a pretty good job. 

What did you guys think of what I got? Have you gotten anything that made you think, "Now there's something I'd rock!" or "I just HAVE to get this!"? Leave a comment down below! 

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