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Thanksgiving seems like a really overlooked holiday. It doesn’t seem to be about being grateful anymore, but more about the food. And shopping. Since Black Friday is right after Thanksgiving, I feel like most people have forgotten what Thanksgiving is suppose to be about.

Thanksgiving is about being grateful. It is about spending a day with family and thanking whatever God, being, etc. that you believe in for giving you all that you have in your life. Yes, I know being grateful everyday sounds better than just being grateful one day, but this one day gives people an excuse to come together. Thanksgiving gives people a reason to take a day off and spend it with people they care about.

Thanksgiving is about family. Even if half of your family makes you want to puke or wish you were never born to them, this should be one of those days to make amends. Or, at least be thankful you didn’t end up with worst people. We can’t choose our family, but we can choose how we act and respond to that family. So take a deep breath when that annoying cousin starts jabbering about how amazing her boyfriend is and asking about your love life. You only have to deal with her for one evening unless she lives with you. Then I can’t help with that. ;)

Thanksgiving is partially about the food. What’s Thanksgiving without the turkey, turducken, or for my family, pig? This is one of those times where the special recipes comes out and that favorite dish of yours is served in abundance. Don’t miss the opportunity for food!

That’s it for today guys! I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving! What’s your favorite part of the holiday?

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