Tippin' Tuesday//Membership Cards

Hey guys!

I love shopping which means that membership cards are always a good investment. They're easy to apply for, you can use your phone number if you don't have the physical card on you(depending on the store), and of course, the savings help a ton. Here's a list of stores that have membership cards that are definitely worth getting. In parentheses is whether or not sign up is free. 

Macy's (Free)
JC Penny's (Free)
Styles For Less ($5 for 1 year)
Hot Topic (Free?)
Certain thrift shops have their own memberships-just ask them! (Varies by shop) 

Well that's a short list...of course these are just a few stores that I frequent where I know they have discounts for their customers. I am a creature of habit and like to stick to stores that I'm familiar with, so if you know a place that has a great membership program, drop a line in the comments!

Do you know any stores that give great discounts? Leave a comment down below! 

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