December Challenge//2014 Blog Goals

Hey guys!

2014 is almost to an end! *throws confetti into the air* New Year’s Eve is tomorrow which means that New Year’s Resolutions are coming up! Before I post that up, I wanted to get my blog goals up first.

Remember how I talked about finding a passion for blogging in my blog reflection post? This post is about clarifying what I want to achieve with my blog and how I’m going to do it! So let’s see…

Pictures pictures pictures!
Most of my posts have one to zero pictures. I blame lighting, but it’s mostly due to how I always forget to snap a couple for upcoming blogs. This year I’m going to take pictures before a post so I can prettify them before uploading them onto a post.

Write more fashion/beauty posts
I created this blog to find my inner style diva. I feel the need to add a little more of that adventure into this blog, which is why I’m introducing a few new series once January 1 comes along!

Be able to blog at least 3 times a week
Oh yes, I very much like this blog everyday business, but I think it’s too much for a senior in high school. But hey! When I go to grad night, I’ll definitely show y’all what was going on.

Spruce up the blog
I want to add pages and make a search tool for posts in my blog. I really want to focus on making my blog easier to navigate while still being pretty! I also want to fix that font size difference between blog posts. Seriously, what’s up with that?

Make some friends
No, not “Hey girl let’s hang out in a few minutes because we live in the same place!” kind of friends, but online friends. Sure I’m kind of cool with a few people on twitter, but I’m looking for some blogger friends. Maybe even have some kind of email or letter correspondence? I want to move up into swaps somewhere in the future! I always wanted to try a new country or state’s items! Maybe even some blogger meet ups?! The possibilities are endless!

That’s it! My goals are kind of simple, but for me that’s what I’m going for. I want to be able to have fun blogging while still having a cool looking blog. Or at least a functioning one.

Thanks for reading!


  1. These are great, realistic goals to set yourself, Ellie! I think mine would be to try and attempt daily blogging! eeek! Setting myself up for a fail before I even started!! x

    1. Thanks! I tried to make my blogging goals as easy and realistic as possible! I blogged everyday in December and it was a doozy! Definitely not for me. Why not try it for one month like I did? Especially with January right around the corner, it would be fun to see how January is starting out for you! Thanks for reading! :D