December Challenge//2014 Favorites Part 1

Hey guys!
2014 is almost coming to an end! Soon it’ll be 2015 and I’ll be graduating high school! Can you believe it? My little blog that I really didn’t care for has now grown on me and now I’m thinking of keeping forever. Well, until I can’t stand blogging that is. But that’s not any time soon.

Since the end of 2014 is near, here is part 1 of my 2014 favorites! There are links, but I’m not being paid to link anything! There will not be many pictures because look who's cleaning for New Year's! This girl!


So cute! So girly! So easy to style! I love how bows can come in different styles and sizes.

Just like bows, anklets are easy to style and come in such a pretty array of styles to choose from! They’re also really easy to make. Future DIY anyone? ;)

A backpack is definitely an important accessory! I love using it for school and it’s great to use when traveling.


Pinafore Dresses
Although I only wore my Hello Kitty pinafore dress once this year, I really love this type of clothing. I have one in black and another with a pretty floral pattern neither of which I’ve worn yet. I just can’t figure out how exactly I want to pair them. I do have a few ideas that ya’ll might see soon in a future post.

Muscle Tees
Or the shirt that needs a bandeau most of the time. They’re great for those lazy days where you want to look nice, but aren’t willing to put too much effort into it. Long sleeves under these tees make them easily transition from summer to winter. One of my new favorite types of shirts.

Highwaisted Pants/Shorts
The trend has a permanent home in my closet because who doesn’t want to something to cover the tummy during winter?! Sure you can use high waisted pants with crop tops, but winter! Pair them with a nice comfy shirt and your stomach is nice and warm. I especially adore the Jessica Simpson Vintage High Waisted Shorts despite the high price tag.

Oh goodness I don’t know how I ended up obsessed with them. I swore I’d only wear pants for the rest of my life when I was younger and now look at me! Skirts! And shorts! I always thought skirts were too much maintain because you have to wear shorts or a body suit to make sure nothing inappropriate is shown, but now I can’t get enough of them. So easy to match. So easy to love.

Because even if it’s winter, my skirt obsession will not be deterred. Leggings and tights are the solution. Despite the fact the only brand I buy is kind of expensive, I’d still wear them no matter what. 


This product has really helped my lashes get stronger and a more natural curve. A small product, but it still has a lot inside of it, I love swiping this on and walking out the door to help my lashes grow during those no makeup days. 
My eyelashes don’t look wimpy when I wear this mascara. It helps makes my eyes a little more awake.

Paired with my Hard Candy Mascara, my lashes are looking flirty and lovely. Although my lashes look good with just this product, I love how I can layer it so easily. 

This palette is my most used because of the variety of colors and how easy it to put on. The glittery shades are great for winter and the matte shades really compliment my skin. Most days I just swipe on some eyeshadow and call it day, so this palette is really nice for a quick makeup look.

e.l.f. Small Angled Brush (Can’t find the one pictured above, so here’s a similar one)
This brush is compact and easy to carry around. It’s so helpful in creating small strokes when I use gel eyeliner. I love how I can control is so easily.

e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Medium
I've gotten to like the zen of doing my eyebrows. This e.l.f. product is light and I can build it up very easily. It makes my eyebrows look natural instead of looking cartoonish.

Yes yes. The elusive 07 lipstick that I’m sure is on most people’s favorite beauty list somewhere. It’s so pretty and I love how it works for most skin types. The scent of it is also a bonus.

My go to everyday cleanser. Even though it is a scrub, it’s not as harsh as I thought it would be so it’s a pretty good everyday cleanser.

I have a review right here about how much I love this product. I wish I had more! It really helped calm down my acne and it’s so easy to apply! Love this product so much!

There’s part 1 of my 2014 Favorites! Part 2 coming tomorrow! Can’t believe 2014 is almost coming to an end! Thanks for reading!

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