December Challenge//2014 Favorites Part 2

Hey guys!

Here’s part 2 of my 2014 favorites! This post contains food, stationery, and other random items! Just like my Part 1, it does have links to websites, but I’m not getting paid or anything from linking them. This list is longer than the first one because well, I love a lot of random junk. I’m like a magpie sometimes!


It’s fascinating. And challenging. And makes me want to throw it against a wall.


I love chocolate and bonus points for the fact that these are considered healthy for me! Yay! Great for snacking and rewarding yourself when you get stuff done.

One of the only brands of green tea I drink, this is my all time favorite tea. I love the somewhat bitter taste and smell. It’s so good!

I. AM. ADDICTED. These are my all time favorite snack food! I can go through hundreds of these bags if I can get the chance.


Sanrio Hello Kitty Pencil using 0.5mm Lead
My very special and holy grail writing utensil. Yes, I do have an unhealthy relationship with my pencil, but it’s not like that! It help makes my handwriting neat and it’s nice and slim. I guard it with my life after the Sanrio store in my local mall decided that close. Or move. I’m not sure yet.

These sweet pens are amazing! I have a full review here about the awesomeness. They’re just so pretty and sparkly! They make writing more special to me.

The Folder Thing From Target (but here’s a substitute since I can’t find this on the Target website)
It has about 7 or 8 pockets to hold paper from every class and another one to just hold binder paper. It saves the important things in one place and I can have my homework in the same place. It can get filled up pretty quickly, but that helps to make sure everything in there is up to date.


My ZNation Obsession post doesn’t even cover how much I love this show. Comedy and action with a dash of romance. So different from other zombie shows and movies. It’s definitely a must see and with only one season out, catching up right now is a lot better than later.

A three part series that needs its own show on SyFy. All of the subtle jabs ranging from politics, to family, to even bullying, I love it so much. Didn’t hurt that they showed it around my birthday.

Criminal Minds
I just recently gotten into this show this year. I love Spencer Reid and wish that he was mine. Or my neighbor who can help with my Pre-Calculus homework.

This show is basically my life, and just makes me fall into a mess of stupid whenever I see Ziva and Tony. The new season makes me nervous, even though I like Blondie, I love Ziva. Don’t spoil anything because I still need to catch up some episodes.

A Grumpy Cat Christmas Special
The sassiness. The playfulness. This movie is just too hilarious for me. I love how it can be predictable, but yet not at the same time.

How To Train Your Dragon
Watched it for the first time last week and fell in love with Hiccup. I love the interaction between him and his father because it’s so real. I love it.


I love this monthly box subscription! Although my subscription stopped in October, I will definitely be buying a new subscription once I get some more cash in the bank! Here’s a review of one of the boxes!

Supporting indie bands and authors by downloading and leaving tips. I love this site for getting new music! There’s something for everyone on this site. Definitely recommend this site for finding new bands.

Nicki Minaj’s Grand Piano
Her voice is so pure. I didn’t think her voice could work with a ballot, but I was wrong. I was in love by the first note.

This band. Oh goodness. I love them so much and they’re so nice! Spoke to one of them on twitter once. I fangirled too hard.

Also a new band that I found! I love their chill vibes and they’re super friendly!

Masterpiece is just life. Her vocals rock my world. Everything about her is fabulous and wild. Love her so much.

Created an account this summer and I’m addicted. I love connecting with people on twitter. It’s so fun and I’ve gotten noticed by some of my new favorite tv producers and writers. I am just too crazy for my own good.

Who doesn’t love her sarcasm and sassiness? She’s inspiring and you can see how she genuinely loves all her fans. If only she was a lesbian. Or bi. I’d totally go for her.

I think I like this site more than Pandora. It has a really simpler interface and it has all the songs in albums under the artist. It’s a lot smoother than Pandora to navigate.

I like how the app has a reminder when it’s time for me to write. It’s simple and easy to use. I’m definitely going to include it in a future 2015 goals list. ;)

A FREE simple video chatting app where I can call my favorite cousins in Chicago. Love how it’s easy to use, but hate how the connect can get wacky sometimes. Still like it better than FaceTiming since it doesn’t work that well for me.

What better way to follow blogs and catch up on new posts? It’s addicting to go through and discover new blogs.


That’s it for today! Wow, this list is long! I can’t wait to see how this list is going to look when the end of 2015 comes along! Thanks for reading!

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