December Challenge//Annoying Habits People Do In Church

Hey guys!

I know religion is a sensitive topic, but I'm not actually going to talk about religion. Unless you guys really want to read about it, then leave a comment down below. What I'm talking about today is the annoying people who go to church. I'm sure some of you know what kind of people I'm talking about. An hour of sitting and lectures is pretty boring if like me, you're agnostic or believe in a different religion and you have to go to church because the rest of the family is forcing you to go, but it gets worst when people start doing these annoying habits.

Or singing or even when people are praying. Someone behind, in front, or next to you is jabbing away distracting everyone around them from the service. It's like in the classroom where you're trying to learn something and someone nearby won't shut up about a game or how they don't need school. It's annoying and rude. Don't do it. 

Gossip is different from talking. Gossip is mostly hurtful and much more rude than just talking. It's espcially rude if you're gossiping about the people around you. Don't do it or you'll piss off the wrong person. Some people don't care if they're in a church, they're still going to try to whip your butt. 

Now I'm not saying everyone should be dressing covering up everything. No, I'm talking about the really extreme kind of clothing like really really short shorts or that deep back that shows off someone's bra strap. The obvious bra strap really irritates me since it just makes me want to unclip it because this is not a fashion show. This is a church, at least show some kind of respect. This is usually done by younger people, but there are some older ones who do it too. That's a lot more awkward. 

KICKING THE BACK OF A SEAT... annoying. I'm trying to bear through this sermon and someone kicking the back of my seat is rude. You're not five. You're an adult. Act like one. It's also rude to the church because those seats have those little kneeling things which cost a lot. They don't have money trees. They just can't replace them every time you decide to abuse the seat. Be kind to them or everyone is going to have to seat on the floor next year because all the seats have been abused. 

That's it for today! Have you ever experienced these kinds if annoying habits in church? Are you guilty of them? Leave a comment down below! 

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