December Challenge//Ashley's Debut

Hey guys!

Yesterday’s debut was amazing! Although I didn't get any pictures on my iPod because it died before I can get any (I should get a portable charger), I did get a few souviners and great memories!

It was a such a nice night of relaxing fun and celebrating one of my close friend’s birthday. Ashley looked gorgeous with her Frozen inspired dress and her mom looked so pretty with her blue reanssance/qeen looing dress. The 18 Treasure gifts and speeches was heartwarming. I especially loved Ari’s (Ashley’s cousin) speech about the medal she gave her.

The 18 roses was hilarious and sweet. Her uncles were crazy silly and I loved how adorable she and her cousins attempted to dance with her long dress and heels. The 18 candles made me want to cry because of all of the emotional speeches.

There was no cheescake. I was promised cheescake. BUT Ashley did promise me that she’d get me one by tomorrow, so eveerythign is okay. The salmon was so good! I loved how it was so easy to cut and the mash potatoes was yummy.

Since I had to perform with Ashley and Ari, we had to quickly go upstairs to change into our outfits. It was nervewracking, but I got through it. Although my glasses did almost fly off my face and I missed a few beats, at least I was able to finish it.

I was almost stranded at the hotel. Once everyone started leaving, everyone who could’ve given me a ride had no room. I tried to call my cousins, but they weren’t home or were sleeping. But I was able to stay at the hotel with the birthday girl and had a sleep over! It was fun! I’ve never been to a sleepover before. Her family was crazy, but it was a nice sort of crazy. I like them.

That’s it for today! Have you guys ever been to a debut? What do you think about them?

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