December Challenge//Changing The Theme Of The Story

Hey guys!

See anything different about the blog? It's blue now! I decided that the new year means I have to spruce up my blog. I've come a long way with how I look at my blog and the changing content and topics. 

Which is why I decided to change up my blog. If you see anything weird going on, don't despair! I have it under control. Hopefully. No promises. :P

Changing my blog theme means I get to learn some new skills in the process. Searching the web for coding skills and getting better at my typing speed will really help me in the future. With the ever changing technology of this age, what I learn now in coding can really make the difference of me getting a job or not. 

I can't wait for you guys to see how the blog is going to look by January. I'll keep the theme I have for now because it's really cute and simple. 

That's it for today! Are you thinking of changing your blog? What do you think of this new theme? 

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