December Challenge//Let's Dance Playlist

Hey guys!

Dancing has been a recent hobby of mine. For some people, dancing is life. But for lazy people like me, it's an easier way to exercise. I can be moving my body slowly or fast and either way it can be called dance. If I can get the beat right.

Here's some music that I dance to when I feel like moving. Maybe not a lot of moving, but at least I'm moving.

Blank Space - Taylor Swift
Massacre - Ghost Town
Till The World Ends (Remix) - Britney Spears Ft Kesha & Nicki Minaj
Sea Ghost - The Unicorns
Wrecking Ball (Cover) - Owls In The Attack
Dance Alarm - Titus Jones
You and I - Beneath the Spin Light
Fair-Weather Fans - Ronnie Radke
Carnivore - Starset

That’s it for today! What songs do you dance to? Leave a comment down below!  

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