Hey guys! 

Guess who's birthday is today?! That's right! Barney's! Just kidding, it's mine. :D 

This year I turned eighteen and even though I didn't get a debut, at least I was able to celebrate one more year of being alive. Man. I never thought I'd get this far in life. Well, enough of the emotional stuff! Here's how I spent my birthday! 

Wearing a skirt might've been a bad idea. Wind + skirt = Not Good. Almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment. Excuse the messiness, wind was not fun. 

Surprised by my friends today! They actually got me two huge cupcakes and some candy! 

After an exhausting day in school, I spent some time at the mall. I got a bit of things for myself and some presents for two of my friends whose debuts are this Saturday! I'm only going to one of their debuts, but I got presents for both since some of my other friends are going to the other one. 

Now I end the day eating spaghetti and homework. Oh the life of a student! This year, my birthday was a lot better than earlier years. People actually remembered it was my birthday for once! The excitement! 

That's it for today! What do you do on your birthday? 

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