December Challenge//Protesting Preparations

Hey guys!

Today's post isn't going to be that long because I'm getting ready to do a protest. Yes, a protest. The debate team at my school decided to have a walk out at sixth period to go protest at the police station right down the street. We're protesting against the police brutality and what's happened with all the people who have been killed.

But what's sucks about the protest is that many people aren't willing to do. Why? Because they don't want to get shoot at. This is the reason why I'm protesting. The police are suppose to protect the citizens and if people aren't willing to even be near the police station because they think they'll get hurt, says a lot about what the community thinks about the police.

Now I'm not saying that all cops are bad. I'm saying there are a majority of cops that abuse their power. People can't just let the bad cops get away with what's happening. We have to come together as a community to make sure that the police understand that we won't stand for what's been happening and if they try that in our city, it's not going to end well.

Hopefully the protest will stay peaceful. Some kids are only doing it to get out of sixth period, but they don't understand that it could all go wrong in a matter of seconds. There is a possibility that that one stupid kid is going to start something or the police could just shoot at us for no reason. Everyone has to understand that although a protest starts peaceful, it might not end peaceful. 

That's it for today! What do you guys thinks of the protest I'm participating in? Where do you stand in the media chaos of Ferguson, NYC, and etc.? Leave a comment down below! 

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