December Challenge//Reclaiming Your Sense of Self

Hey guys! 

Remember the story I told you about my ex? If not, here's the link. Go ahead and read it then come back. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere! :)

The following may have a curse word or two. Please read at your own risk ;D 

After being in a relationship for so long, it was hard to get back into the groove of being me. It was especially hard to be single after being so devoted to a person, and realizing that he or she might have never given a damn anyway. But don't give up on being you. Don't let the heartache of having to end a relationship make you cut off all feelings or give up in finding love. Especially don't let the heartbreak make you give up on you. 

It's important to mope. Everyone has that one what-if? person. The one who got away is one of many regret for people. But that doesn't mean that you can stop being you. It doesn't mean that you can give up on life. It doesn't mean that you will never find someone who will love you like you're suppose to be loved. Losing your significant other isn't going to kill you. Unless you're a tvvampire. Then that could be a problem. 

BUT THERE IS HOPE. Sure, it hurts. It felt like my heart stopped beating after me and my boyfriend broken up. I spent a few weeks trying to do anything to make the pain stop. I was even close to going to him and begging for him to take me back. Until I saw him with his new girlfriend and I found out that he didn't really love me or want me as much as I wanted him. Yeah. Some teenage boys suck. 

That's it though. I had to learn the some guys suck. I had to learn how to reclaim my sense of self after a break up. If I hadn't had that experience, then I wouldn't understand why some people are so bitter about love and become colder. If I hadn't learned about true heartbreak, then I wouldn't have figured out how to pick up the pieces. 

So here's how I did it:

It's important to take time for yourself. Don't be guilted into doing anything if you don't want to. I spent a long time just doing what made him happy, that I forgot how to be happy by myself. So take the time to pamper yourself and take it easy. 

Learning something new will help take your mind off what happened. I focused on learning how to perfect my dancing. It was one of my classes last year and I really enjoyed the freedom of just letting go while dancing. I may have been only in Begginner Dande, so I'm not a master, but I loved how dance really helped me express myself. 

Catch up on what's been going on. Sometimes people forget that there are other  people who care about them. Don't talk about the breakup unless you really need to. Speaking of need to...

I am guilty of still doing this. Since some of my friends are still friends with the ex, I get unwelcomed updates of his well being. Find someone you trust and rant to them. Sometimes it takes ranting it out for someone to really forget the ex. Don't overdo it though. There may be some things that you should keep to yourself. 

Please, please don't rush into a relationship after the breakup. You need time to process what's happened and have me time. Love will find you at the right moment with the right person. 

There's so many other ways to reclaim your sense of self from reading to exercise to whatever you can imagin. What's important, is to BE YOU. Just do you. 

That's it for today! What do you do to get over a break up? How did you reclaim your sense of self? 

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