December Challenge//Who's Debut Is It Anyways?

Hey guys!

Tonight I'm going to my friend Ashley's debut! I'm dancing with her and her cousin sometime in the middle of the party. Hopefully I don't mess up too badly. Anyway, read on as I get ready for the party! 

The Dress
I use to always go out and buy a new dress for parties, but since I don't really go to a lot of parties anymore, I decided to wear a dress I haven't worn in a couple of years. The perks of being short and never really growing taller. 

The Shoes
Ashely wanted Hi Top Converse, so I decided to just wear them with my dress. My style, my rules. Besides, I'm not going to twist an ankle when I'm dancing. That wouldn't attract the cute guys. Nope, not at all. 

The Bag 
Since I have to change into the clothes above, I need a nice bag. Inside is the a cardigan for when it get colder, my makeup for touchups, the invitation, and her present. Obviously the present isn't pictured so it can stay as a surprise. 

The Makeup 
I'm concentrating more on my eyes which is why there's a lot of products being used for that area. 

A simple eyebrow routine with simpler lips. 

The Hair 
I braided my hair last night and now have simple waves. I have to to whip my hair and braids are a no go. Being smacked in the face with your own hair is not a pleasant experience. Believe me. 

The Finished Look
And here is how I look for the night!

Sorry it's a little dark! It's almost time to leave! Tomorrow I'll see if I can post a few pictures of the party! 

That's it for today! Are you going to any parties this winter? What do you think of my attire? Leave a comment down below! 

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