December Challenge//Why December Birthdays Suck

Hey guys!

This is a list of cons (and maybe some pros) of having a birthday in December. Not everyone will understand the pain of being a winter baby. It's something that you have to experience, but there are some things that can be applied to other birthday months.


No one remembers it's your birthday. Even if you remind them the day before because everyone is hung up on Christmas. 

Birthday parties suck. Not only is the winter theme going to get old, parties that include swimming or hiking aren't as enjoyable in winter. The cold sucks. 

Still going to have that party? No one is going to come. Remember Christmas? Everyone is either busy or left town.

The one present deal. Oh I got you a present for your birthday and Christmas. That would be fine, if it wasn't one book or just $20. Other kids get birthday presents AND Christmas presents. December babies get one or the other. Yeah yeah it's the thought that counts. But you'd be mad too if you realize that the book they gave you is one you already have and they really weren't listening when you said you wanted that cute necklace from Etsy. Or it's just a note with an I owe you. Yup. It happens. 


Winter vacation. At least if you're born in the later half of winter, that's fun. If not? Well, refer to the cons. 

Snow is fun. As long as you live on the eastern side of the world. It gets colder in the west, but not enough to have snow. What a bummer. 

Yeah that's all I got. Guess who was born in December? Yup. This girl. The above list is what has happened to me over the years. I expect nothing much during birthdays while other people get excited. Slightly envious of them, but really, growing older is just getting closer to your death date. What a sad thought. 

That's it for today! What do you think of December birthdays? Were you born in December? Leave a comment down below! 

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