December Challenge//Winter Break Is Getting Boring?

Hey guys!

Winter in California has been pretty cool. There are days where it does get a little warm, but the days are filled with the chill of winter. Here’s what I do during winter whenever I feel like procrastinating on homework, if I have none, or if it's getting pretty boring.

Take A Nap
An obvious one, but it’s always good to take some time to catch up on some sleep.

Write Something
A poem, a song, or maybe even a short story, writing will always be a good way to spend some time doing something productive.

Make A To Do List
To Do Lists are fun to make, but hard to stick with. Which is why I usually make these in the morning or the night before to be more productive on a winter day. It also helps to remember to finish that essay I have to work on.

I love reading, but I have never found the time to read something other than a text book or blog post. Reading helps expand vocabulary and spark creativity. Whether it be nonfiction or fiction, reading is a gateway to learning.

TV Series Marathon
What winter break isn’t complete without a series marathon? I recently finished watching Ascension on SyFy and I wish that they’d expand on it. Next is The Walking Dead. Oh Daryl Dixon, will you marry me?

Yes I do clean. Usually it’s just my room, but sometimes I help a little bit around the house. Only because if I don’t do it, my grandparents/dad will have to do it. And then the lectures. Avoid lectures by cleaning guys.

For me, that’s starting my AP English Finals essay and all the other random homework I have to do. Winter break is obviously for relaxing, but I do need to work. Even if I’m lazy.

And that’s what I do during Winter Break! What do you guys do during Winter Break? Leave a comment down below!

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